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  1. One would hope so, otterwise I could imagine somebody starting a riot in here 😂
  2. I would not count on that at all. MSFS gauges are integrated in the 3D model and not like the old school 2D gauges that FSX used and what FS Panel Studio is capable of editing. If you would want to change the gauges around in MSFS you would have to edit the actual 3D model.
  3. I would love to see a Nordic Seaplanes livery! It's, as far as I know, the only seaplane in Denmark (Maybe even in Scandinavia!?) with a regularly scheduled flightplan. Flying between Copenhagen and Aarhus!
  4. My totally biased suggestion for a route would be EKCH - EKYT or the other way around
  5. You are aware it wasn't the CRJ that was meant to be released to day..? It was/is only the announcement of the release day that was/is supposed to come today.
  6. Most games etc. nowadays have a patch almost immediately after release, some even at the time of release. And no matter how much testing Aerosoft have done (and I'm sure they've done plenty) bugs will be found shortly after release as they go from a handful of testers to 1000's of people using the aircraft, that is just inevitable.
  7. Well luckily for us smell-o-vision isn't quite widely available, or good, yet...
  8. I see you are going for a fancy new future tech wingless design! 😂 Also, I love that CM thumbnail 🤣
  9. If you want to see some flight from a real CRJ and have ~50 minutes to spend, check this video out where the pilot also gives quite a nice tour of the systems and buttons in the cockpit at around 25 minutes into the video 😁
  10. I do use add blocker, uBlock Origin + a rasberrypi with pi-hole, but I still get a big banner up in the top of the forum, if that is what you are talking about. Currently it advertises your holiday sale.
  11. That is the different LODs you are seeing, that just how video games/sims work to lighten the burden on your computer.. No reason to show tiny details in an object a 1000 meters away, so it shows a less and less detailed version of the object the further away you get from it
  12. Kinda extra realistic in that regard requiring another aircraft to take photos of the first aircraft.
  13. Hmm No official comment from Aerosoft on this new product. I'm disappointed!
  14. So I spotted this new secret product aerosoft have made. I wonder what specs we will need to run it, and how deep the systems are simulated? Please post info if you know something about it!
  15. Didn't add it because that fee quickly adds up! I have been using FSX ever since it came out, thats 5 years plus 3 months if I payed $9.99 every month I used it I would have payed $629.37 so in the long run the "pay $9.99 every month" is not a very feasible way to do it!
  16. Prepar3d is made for big companies/millitary and is not made to the average consumer market "Training meets reality with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® simulation software. Private pilots, commercial organizations, militaries and academia rely on Prepar3D for immersive, experiential learning." it costs $499.00... a bit expensive for what is essential a FSX update if you ask me
  17. Just a question: If I make reviews for aerosofts website will I also be able to upload them to my own flightsim site flightsim.dk (in danish) ? Thanks in advance Troels
  18. Here is my entry British Airways taking-off from EKCH Copenhagen an early summer morning
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