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  1. okay here's the deal...I'm fully connected to gamespy...fully connected to ts3, and the only person I see online is Me!.I have already asked in here is it something I'm doing wrong , or does nobody fly here now? James A suggests that I'm just unlucky, but its been 3 weeks now so I can't see that being plausible....I'll give it the weekend and if I don't see some kind of positive response I'm off back to Vatsim, where I can fly online with people, and Andras Field loses yet another valued member, and one who used to have so much fun
  2. and by the way..its Saturday morning...I'm fully connected to Gamespy Andras and TS3...and I'm still stuck on my own....HELP!!!!
  3. Girls, enough of this! I just asked a simple question...I'm just a simple online pilot with not a lot of experience of how the technology works....YOU are the guys in the know...if a response was deemed inappropriate, fair play to Ole...James, I appreciate any feedback whatever it might be....so draw a line under it and move on...whatever happens, I will still be an unknowledgable idiot!!!!!
  4. all sorted now Ole thanks
  5. can anyone help...I have got to andras on gamesy..do i need teamspeak 3 as mine has stopped working...also do i need to activate sqwawkwin?? thanks
  6. please...anybody......what kit do we use now, and is teamspeak 3 defunct as I get no response when logging on....
  7. hawkjets


    i sussed it out already!....while im her...why you no fly no more? i bin on me own here for weeks!
  8. hawkjets


    smiffy its me alan...downloaded v1.17 but want to get it right...how do i go about uninstalling old version( been away a long time!)
  9. hawkjets


    where do i find v1.17 /
  10. hawkjets


    hi luke.. downloaded and extracted ts3 to desktop...now trying to open but no joy...any clues??? Alan
  11. hawkjets


    logged on ts2 after ages away...now find you use ts3...downloaded client 32 bit one....how do i install and use it???
  12. trying to get into aerosoft for latest update....it says my name isnt recognised, but i'm using the one i used when i registered anybody pse advise?
  13. I too have been busy over xmas and new year but intend return tonight and every night thereafter
  14. its going to be another fairy tail christmas in our house......GRIM! weare so poor me mother has to strip the bones out of her corsets to make us some soup!!
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