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  1. Dear Marcel, Mathijs Would you please consider making some short tutorial videos on how to do the maintenance, cleaning, towing etc...I think it would help some users a lot to enjoy this beautiful aircraft. I personally have a problem with towing the aircraft. When I try to move it forward, it suddenly jumps forward at high speed (approx. 50 kts) and then it stops after traveling hundreds of feet/meters. Thank you very much and have a nice easter. Best regards Ivan
  2. Well I have to say, this aircraft is not an FS addon evolution, but FS addon revolution! Congrats Marcel and rest of the team for such an outstanding work.
  3. I just did a little test if Active Sky Evolution can get involved in this problem but the result is NO. At standard atmosphere settings or real weather, 5000kg of fuel on board, around 20 pax I was able to climb to FL340, but it took a very long time. After reaching FL340 I wasn't able to cruise faster than Mach .70 (TAS=GS=410 kts) with engines stuck at N1 95.xx %, everything in managed mode with thrust levers in CLB detend. This resulted in enormous fuel burn of 5100kg/h. In level flight. I work as ATCo at ACC and see the climb performance of A320 on the radar almost every day from low alti
  4. Hello I'm cruising at fl320 from lfmn to egll with a320 and also experience some flight dynamics issues. First i cannot cruise faster than .695 while mantaing fl320 and engines running at n1 95.4 . Climbing to higher levels is almost immposible. My GW is currently 51170. Autopilot is set to managed mode. Another problem at this situation is extremly high fuel consuption. It is more than 5000 kg/h which means I have to load much higher amount of fuel as proposed by airbus connect. Maybe one cause can be Active Sky Evolution, beacause ISA deviation according to lower ecam is +11 degrees of ce
  5. I think that Air Slovakia virtual has some talented painters, so I'm sure that somebody will make the repaints
  6. You convinced me. Cusco added to my wish list.
  7. I've noticed that with some addons FSX crashes when shutting it down but because it doesn't harm system or FSX installation (I hope so) it is not a big deal for me. I don't even remember which addons are causing this crash. Good luck with your Airbus.
  8. Well, I wish them all the best, but time is running fast for them since Aerosoft announced their FSX Bus (competitor for Basic Edition) and FSLabs hardcore version (competitor for Advanced version). And even if they release bug free advanced version it will take some time to make it for FSX. Okay enough Airsimmer, back to Aerosoft I'm still thinking about buying aerosoft's bus, because I like more complex system modeling, but it can be a good start to get familiar with A320 before more advanced version will be released. The only problem is that after buying advanced version of bus, this one w
  9. And don't forget Flightsim Labs. Looks like gents at Airsimmer are getting desperate.
  10. Wow! Really beautiful scenery. Looks like Cusco has really long runway for those high altitude take offs
  11. I uploaded graphic drivers to latest version, but experiened no improvement. After loading Antalya I switched to Vienna from FlyTampa and had smooooooooth +30fps. I will try to delete that bgl file and see what happens. I hope that devs will have a look at this problem even if not everybody is experiencing it. Btw which GPU do you guys have? As I mentioned in previous post mine is nVidia 8800GTS overclocked. Thank you for every input on this issue. Have a nice evening.
  12. Robert Thanks for your help. I have my autogen set to Dense. I have also my FSX installed on separate HDD and nothing else on it. Regarding GPU and drivers, I have nVidia 8800GTS with 512MB of memory (maybe this can be the problem) and older drivers. Just now I'm downloading the latest drivers and will keep you informed about the result. See ya
  13. Hello I've just finished flight from Santorini to Antalya with PMDG JS41. As approaching Antalya I experienced huge FPS drop...approximately to 5 FPS making FSX a slideshow. I never experienced such poor performance before. At Santorini I had no issues at all. My computer specs are: FSX SP2, Win7 64bit, Core i7 overclocked to 4GHz, 6Gb Ram, GPU NVidia 8800GTS. I remember selecting dynamic jetways during install process. Can this be the cause of that slideshow? Thank you for help in advance.
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