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  1. Ah alright, thanks! Okay, I might have done that unintentionally. Thanks.
  2. Hello, my problem is that after passing the trans. altitude, the aircraft gives a callout that says "altimiter setting". My altimiters are set to STD, but it still continues. The other thing is, that on my PFD there is a blue text that says "SPEED SEL: (assigned speed)". I posted two screenshots of the "SPEED SEL: XXX" problem. Regards. Ps: The altimiter setting callout stopped, but very late (I was at FL150 already). Transition altitude from my dep. airfrield was 3000ft, and I switched it to STD after that altitude.
  3. Watched Matt Davies stream. I'm really excited and it looks beautiful! However, the APU sounds a bit off. Will there be some editing on it? Still a great aircraft!
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