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  1. Hello, I installed this update: But unfortunately it didn't fix the whole cockpit. It's just the middle part that is "stuck" in dark colors.
    Unfortunately my cockpit looks like this. It's just the middle spot. Everything else is fine.
  2. On Simmarket I can only find "AS_MEGA_AIRPORT_BERLIN-BRANDENBURG-PROF-PATCH.zip" Where can I download the patch for v5 as a Simmarket user?
  3. Yes, before it was only C:\P3D V5 Addons. I tried changing the value to the exact folder (C:\P3D V5 Addons\Berlin Brandenburg Professional V5), with no sucess sadly. I also want to say that I bought the scenery from Simmarket, if that is relevant.
  4. Hello, I installed Berlin Brandenburg for v5 (V2000). Then I tried to install the ORBX Patcher, and when pressing next, it gives me the error: "Error: Please install the Addon - Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg Professional- first" Even though the product is installed. Is there anything to fix this?
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