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  1. ATM the demand for a higher fidelity module is huge. MSFS is an awesome platform seriouly lacking in the default planes department. Personally I would grab whatever comes out from the top developers just not to have to fly around in the defaults. Good news on that CRJ. Although not my favorite it would be good kick off...
  2. The way to Asia goes through Middle East... Dubai, Bahrain, Doha, Abu Dhabi.... Karachi.... Bombay and so on I think OMDB is a natural waypoint in the eastbound direction...
  3. Recently bumped into that one: http://www.jr.com/aerosoft-n-a--ltd/pe/AEF_10118/ Was posted by another user in AVSIM.. Aerosoft? Sure the name sounds familiar..
  4. While you are searching for other comments, here is mine: The Thrustmater Warthog HOTAS is the BEST joystick system I have ever put my hands on. Next to it, all other joysticks look pathethic.... And the seamless compatibility with the DCS A-10 makes the whole package unreal. Cheers
  5. To make a product for both FS9 and FSX is almost twice the work.. And the iFly 737 has flown into FS9 anyway... so everybody's happy.
  6. OK, that is fair enough... I still would like to see the Aerosoft comment on to where in time the Airbus Advanced stands. Thanks!
  7. Andy, pardon my ignorance but is your post just guessing or coordinated with Aerosoft? In any case if Advanced Airbus will be separate product, I'll just wait more, instead of going in for the Airbus X first and then upgrade...
  8. Gentleman, can you update us on the development of Airbus X Advanced? I personally do not own the current version, however I do observe very closely what is going on. I have seen many videos posted on You Tube as well (and must admit the Airbus looks very, very nice). This is a product with a great potential indeed, but needs perhaps one more step just to get it about right ... I'm sure there are a lot of ohter flight simmers awaithing for your comment, so please would you let us know what are your plans. Would you consider the Advanced version as a patch or separate product? If it is a separate product would the existing Airbus X customers have some sort of discount? (I personally have bitter experience with other developers charging full amount for every single update but I believe Aerosoft has other policy towards its customers)
  9. Aren't you guys asking in the wrong forum?... Ah, and no, not released yet, and nobody knows when.... (though I wish I could answer different to this)
  10. I'm sure it will worth the wait Shaun. Thank you for the update. Shame though that we'll miss the Octoberfest
  11. Yes, Munich for FSX is my next buy when it comes out. When shall we expect the release?
  12. Andrew don't get so frustrated.... Just note that it is Octoberfest season all around Germany, so I presume Aerosoft team is paying more attention to the "bier und wurst" instead... I surely hope Mr. Fletcher who is proving to be a dedicated professional in these forums to keep us up to date once the fest is over...
  13. Boxed product is out. Does this mean that the Mega Amsterdam for FSX is being finalized? I did not see any updates in the download page....
  14. Hi! I was having this problem with the new CS707. Thanks to fatal who posted his solution I fixed the issue. Here's the thing: Something that might help is move the pushback yellow box from the AES aircraft settings menu just a bit forward or backwards from the ideal center of the nose gear. Furthermore if that doesn't help try what fatal advised: "...Close Flight SIm, open aircraft.cfg (in the problematic aircraft folder), searh for static_cg_height line and set it to lower value, say 0.5. Save the file, go back to FS and check the plane on pushback. If still jumping try setting a higher value in the same line...." Needles to advise make a backup of the aircraft.cfg before paying with the values in it (by the way AES is making a backup too before changing values on "repair for push" command). Hope this would help.
  15. Shaun, please advise, which is the last version released?
  16. Well alright, nice scenery indeed. But please put more taxi signs and fix the flickering textures.
  17. Shaun, thank you for the update! I am running version 1.03 now and out of several flight from EHAM there are still a few places around the airport with flickering textures (the entrance to S ramp - in front of Martinair hangar). Is there further development and shall we expect a final service pack (with official anouncement)? Thank you
  18. Very NON Aerosoft approach to the whole Mega Airport Schipol X thing. I purchased the package about 2 months ago and yet there is no show for an official update... In the meantime I can see the other airports clients are being taken care nicely quick, and this including the ultra-fast A320 X update... Did I chose the wrong product?....
  19. List of items included in the possible future Airbus X v2 - Advanced that would make me go ahead with the purchase: All problems fixed with the previous version (well that is done - great job Aerosoft team)VNAV and more MCDU options (in the pipeline... excellent)SID/STAR, routes (Navigraph database please)WXR on ND (the WX by Reality XP proves that 70-80% of the radar picture is correct!)Terrain on ND (come on guys... Ariane did it...)2-3 stage cockpit lighting to back up the beautiful taxi and landing lights (I would really love this option, one thing I like the most if it is done properly).Added malfunctions manager (I know the Airbuses don't naturally break down but that would be really nice)If the malfunctions are there - Fuel dump please... Well, I do realize I am sort of daydreaming here but, hey, if one doesn't play in the lottery one would never win too... Cheers...
  20. Sept 18th with Aerosoft EDDM.. I will bring some wurst from OMDB with the Concorde, but if the scenery is there. Only 5 days left gents..
  21. Is 1.03 an official update fro the initial release? Worth changing? Cheers
  22. Dear Shaun, You are correct and Aerosoft has stated many times about the level of complexity of this product. However as I said elsewhere I will not purchase the AX yet, exactly because of the basic systems level . I have the suspicion that other FSX users have the same state of mind. Which is such a shame, because the level of graphics detail is amazing (and perhaps one of the best in the recent releases). While remaining neutral with my credit card I will keep following closely the progress of this product. Would you do a statement about Aerosoft future intentions to release a more comprehensive version of the A320 X? Best regards, Martin
  23. While being real, I support the post and agree to pay 100+ EUR just to get a decent simulation of the A320. After my experience with simulations of the caliber of MD11 I would not be satisfied with anything less than that. I see the amazing screen shots of the A320 X and I understand the massive work Aerosoft team has done to get it there, however I will refrain from buying the bus until there is more advanced version of it. I hope Aerosoft will move the project further and will enter the league of the "extraordinary" sim airplane developers.
  24. Hello Gents! Any news on a future update..? No matter what I do I am still getting bleedthrough textures (only on certain areas of the airport)... I would greatly appretiate additional work to bring this great work to the reqired level of quality. Cheers
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