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  1. Oh, I couldn't find this forum section LOL, thanks! It's been a time of many releases recently; PMDG 737, Fenix a320, Justflight BAE 146 and Leonardo MD80. I'm just gonna nag you about the 737 because it's the only one of the aircraft above that I fly, but it's worth it to mention the other aircraft too.
  2. Hi there, just asking since I haven't had NDP for long enough to know: How long does it usually take before a new aircraft is added to NDP? All the PMDG products from previous sims are included so clearly you've had some conversation regarding navdata with PMDG in the past. Basically I'm just asking when and if I can get some navdata for the 737, the "NavData out of date" message is bugging me a bit, although since the aircraft released with the updated AIRAC it hasn't gotten that bad when it comes to the actual data itself yet...
  3. Don't think we have anything but this at the moment. I presume that means that the dev-team for the A330 (or at least large parts of it) will jump onto the A320 family after release. Keep in mind that the post quoted post above is fairly old as well. For all I know there is simultaneous development (at least at some extent).
  4. transmission_28.12.78_rC5t71qT5Yo.wav transmission_27.12.78_Q2r5pG34It6.wav N 40° 37' 7.9356 E 14° 54' 39.9708
  5. Not quite sure about starting now, but I'd assume it's fine. If you do decide to join, just fill inn your details in this spreadsheet for every flight. You should also make a public flight log. You can do so by pressing the "Start New Topic" button on this page, and update that log regularly too (but not necessarily for every flight since that might get quite dull and old after a while for people to read According to the timeline we're supposed to be near the Suez canal by now, although I'm sure you'll catch up since you're flying the T-45 (as compared to me in the C172 at least).
  6. EGKB 231120Z 21016KT 0300 R21/0500D FG BKN002 07/07 Q1008 You weren't kidding, were you... Well... That'll certainly be interesting.
  7. If you want a utility for planning out the individual legs, seeing how many nautical miles you have flown and time your flights, etc. I could recommend ProjectFly or SimToolKitPro. If you've already got all of that figured out, then by all means do it the way you want to! We've all got our own (sometimes slightly bodged) solutions.
  8. Yes, you can. Just send Mathijs another mail, and most likely make an order with "press-copy" selected as the payment method. I´ve already gotten the 900/1000 as well as NavDataPro w/ charts.
  9. Yeah... *cough *cough Totally, life the universe and everything goes down on the fourth of february...
  10. As always the team are showing faith in asobo and think that they´ll resolve the issue. I don´t know about that, but we´ll see...
  11. SAS's callsign is Scandinavian, not just Scandi...
  12. Also, I forgot to add to this that I've translated two manuals by myself, so if the 2nd option is true, would that equal to 6 downloads (5 excluding the CRJ that I've already gotten for free)?
  13. Just a question about the post above: Is it three free downloads as in up to three copies of the CRJ for groups of people translating manuals or is it three free downloads from the store (so if an entire manual was translated by a single person that person will get three different downloads to themselves)? Here's the post from the screenshot: @Mathijs Kok
  14. I wouldn't say groundbreaking lol. I'll look at it though, tend to look for liveries before making them too, but I forgot to once. That was now, the one time when it actually mattered....
  15. Might look at making some toothpaste, yeah. I made the new livery per request and then I saw that someone else had done it before me XD
  16. Hi, I already said yes but I've got a bit of the backlog for the time being.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional CRJ700 in the new Air Canada Express livery. The registration is taken from a CRJ900 as Air Canada Express don't operate the 700 variant. Enjoy the new livery! And yes, I did forget to add a thumbnail, I'll do so later. I don't have time now lol.
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