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  2. Hello Folks, I have some updates to share with you. I can say, that the ETA of this project is set to End of February / Beginning of March. I have to split this Database up because there are so many Airlines with Destinations. I don't want to do just half of the project. If I do something I want to do 100% of it. That's why I decided to first concentrate on long-haul operations. I added all flying long-haul liners (e.g. A35K or B78X). Every passenger aircraft of an airline has its destinations, which will be included in my Database. So, with the publication of my Database, nearly every long-haul op. will be included. After that, I will concentrate on the IATA Summer Schedule to keep the Database up to date. After the exam phase in summer, I will concentrate on short to medium-haul operations in Europe, which will be a standalone update. From that point this Database will be the most up to date Database. After that I will continue to update the short to medium-haul operations in other regions of the world (like Asia and so on). And again from 25. October 2020 I will hopefully work on the IATA Winter Schedule. Thank you for your attention and do not hesitate to ask If you have any questions. Stay tuned for more updates
  3. I have sent you an email. Greetings
  4. Great News ATC's I am currently working on a new updated Database. I added all new Planes (A20N, A21N, A339, A35K, B78X) and I updated and added many Airlines until now. These all have their current fleet with it's own Destinations. Everything is based on the IATA Winter Season. I'll still have to work on some airlines but im sure I get this ready this or next month. From April on I will work on the IATA Summer Update with new Destinations and so on. I'll provide these Updates approximediately 4 times a year. This database is free and a huge project. Stay tuned for more information I'll give you in the next weeks. Have a nice day
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