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  1. Indeed it will be a scenery with the highest standards. As the airport is in the nearer vicinity of me I am looking forward to it.
  2. Hello Air Traffic Controllers! Finally, the Real World Database is updated again. In this update, the Database has grown to 919 Airline-Files (+152) and 160 Aircraft-Files (+2). This is by far the best you can get. This update was published because many new routes were launched or relaunched. In this update, I again, concentrated on updating the fleet to match the Summer 2021 schedule. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus, still, many aircrafts are grounded which is considered in this Database. Fleets have been retired and will not fly again. I have added many new Airlines around the world, too. The next major update is going to be released around November this year. I have also included a small Manual for a clean install. As always, rate this file, share it with your friends and write a comment. Happy Controlling! Download it here:
  3. Unfortunately this project seems to be dead. Maybe the best project last year...
  4. At stand B5 and B7 you can see that the small signs at the terminal are showing stand B3 which is obviously wrong and the groundmarking at stand C4 says C1 in the top.
  5. After looking around for a while I discovered some signs which shouldn't be there. You can see them in the pictures I have attached. All other signs at the terminal stands are looking good.
  6. Yesterday I bought your LTFM scenery which looks great although the airport seems to have no custom mesh. Is this right? Thanks in advance.
  7. I am pretty much sure they will keep GATC as it is for now. If they have ressources they'll do a GATC V2
  8. Hello, I have the same problem with LTFM. Around 11 months ago I started a topic and below you can read Mathijs' answer. Safe guiding! )
  9. Hello Air Traffic Controllers I just wanted to inform you that in the last few weeks I have spent many hours reworking many files of my Database. Many Airlines are completely redone (e.g.: Ryanair, Wizz Air, ...). The newest May schedule is implemented and I am still updating many Airlines. As you know some new Airlines popped out the last few weeks like Avelo Airlines and Breeze Airways and I won't let you down with, of course, implementing them. Furthermore, I plan two separate versions of my Real Wolrd Database: 1st: Only Airliners 2nd: Only Cargo Airlines This means that you can choose between both versions or merge both to enjoy both. Stay tuned for the next weeks as I progress fast. Happy Controlling!
  10. Oh yeah indeed it is the new LEMD for XP11
  11. You have to download it seperately. You will find it in your invoice
  12. In reality you can connect both jetways to the aircraft, however in the simulator you can't do it. Please fix this. There are many things which are wrong in this scenery and accumulated they do not justify the high price in my opinion.
  13. In the picture you can see that the Touchdown lights are in the wrong place as well as the green light bars. They don't specify that Runway 32L has a displaced Threshold.
  14. Ich brauche Hilfe: Ich habe mir LEMD Madrid von Aerosoft gekauft und habe den Patch entpackt. Daraufhin habe ich Ortho4Xp gestartet und wie im Bild erkennbar folgende Einstellungen benutzt. Ich habe alle Häkchen angekreuzt und das Programm laufen lassen. Es sagte sogar, dass es den Patch mit einbezogen hat. Später im Sim wurden mir die Ortho's aber nicht angezeigt. scenery_packs.ini
  15. I am using the latest Navigraph AIRAC
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