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  1. Hi, I know this isn't an issue with Simple Traffic as such, but just wondering if there is a way to tweak the AI to get off the runway quicker, or to get to their takeoff point quicker? They seem to slow right down after they've landed and cause loads of other planes to go around, as sometimes they go to the end of the runway before turning off! I remember there was an app for FSX/P3D traffic that would speed them up a bit. Just wondered if there was any way to do that in MSFS? Thanks,
  2. You'd still need Aerosoft servers to validate your key wouldn't you?
  3. Hi Hans, Yes thats correct once the download starts it was fine!
  4. Managed to buy, but the site is really struggling!! Downloading now!
  5. no there is a competition to win a copy if you can guess the release time, so they won't publish it first! edit, just realised you said date and not time.. date is today, time is......?
  6. From what I have seen I have been able to follow the tutorials on the P3D version, so systems wise it is pretty much the same, there is the new EFB and Refuelling panel, not sure what else is new.
  7. f2, same as P3d, I have mine set up with fsuipc on a button I hold down then release and it goes to f1 on release.
  8. Getting some practice in with the P3D version!
  9. Managed to do the same in the P3D version Though am looking forward to trying it in MSFS
  10. could add the Shard though!
  11. ok, thanks Thorsten, just looked a bit weird!
  12. Make sure you register your copy on the support page (i had to do that for my download version), think theres a button to add products.
  13. Hi, I updated anchorage to v1.01 and tried a flight from there, when I select PANC from the airport selection , it shows as Stevens International, when I then return to the free flight screen it shows has lake hood strip! Im running FSX sp2 on Win7 x64
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