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  1. could add the Shard though!
  2. ok, thanks Thorsten, just looked a bit weird!
  3. Make sure you register your copy on the support page (i had to do that for my download version), think theres a button to add products.
  4. Hi, I updated anchorage to v1.01 and tried a flight from there, when I select PANC from the airport selection , it shows as Stevens International, when I then return to the free flight screen it shows has lake hood strip! Im running FSX sp2 on Win7 x64
  5. Lol, theres always the next number!
  6. It looks nice, but they do say that the avionics etc will be simplified, so probably not much interest to me
  7. Upgraded frome core2duo last january. Still tweaking fsx to get best frames though!
  8. Will there be a version with out the twotter, for those that already have it?
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