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  1. When trying to use my bravo with MSFS 2020 I cannot get the LED's to work. I did some troubleshooting to see what the issue was and even tried to run the .exe file in the community folder. I get the following error msg. AFC Bridge Failed to initialize SimConnectToTheLine. I have tried to remove everything and reinstall and it still doesn't work.
  2. I just watched the video on the local load and completed those steps. Now all aircraft seem to be working correctly. The lights are still a bit on the finicky side. For example just loaded up the 747 and took off. Engaged AP which lit up but when I hit HDG to change HDG the change happened but no light on the button. Not a deal breaker but kind of frustrating. I appreciate all your help with this!
  3. I don't see any errors and I tried the copy/paste rename it said there was already a file with that name and I said to replace it. Still same problems. Maybe I need to remove it all and start from scratch?
  4. Yes I have to manually load and activate the profile. The sim is off when I do this. When I restart the sim then I get the error msg and reload bindings doesn't work it is still looking the the 737.
  5. The pictures below show what is happening. I will note that I reinstalled the configurator and loaded up the 777 and it worked perfect. I then tried the NGX again and it was perfect but when I went back to the 777 it tried to load the NGX again and failed.
  6. So now the NGX works perfect. The new issue is the 777 and 747 will not load the profiles when I start P3D. Every time is loads the profile comes up for the NGX and fails even though I have changed the profile to either the 777 or 747 in the configurator and activated the correct one.
  7. I completed the test and all the lights worked. I did select Version 5. Now when I load I was able to get the NGXu to work correctly but if I tried to load in the 777 or 747 despite selecting their profiles it keeps trying to load the NGX and fails to load in sim. I am going to delete all the profiles and redownload them and see what happens.
  8. Yes that was done. Question though does it need to be done before every flight because I just did it again and the lights worked? I feel so dumb.
  9. Please tell me how to fix the LED's staying on all the time.
  10. Someone please advise how to fix the light staying on issue.
  11. Please tell me how to fix the lights. I have no lights at all on the Bravo.
  12. I have downloaded the profile from the Aerosoft page for the NGX but when I load up the SIM I have no lights on the Bravo. Unfortunately I am not good at programing but if someone can point me to a video or something that shows how to configure the lights that would be awesome. Or if not maybe someone can share a working profile with me to get it working? Also on the 777 and 747 the lights are the opposite they are on all the time.
  13. The last two flights I have made one to 07L and one to 07R the aircraft did not intercept the ILS. Anyone know why? This happens everytime I come into PANC.
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