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  1. Tried with and without. I've been consulting a type rated CRJ pilot on the matter. I understand the line of questioning but when an airplane functions fundamentally incorrect, we do not need to be wasting our time with these questions.
  2. "tested with all types of takeoff power" as in I used Max, TOGA, and everything in between. And there's no TO detent. I used the perf numbers from the tablet.
  3. When I set takeoff power, (tested with all types of takeoff power) the N1 will increase to an acceptable power, but it will then slowly fall off to around 84% by the time I rotate. This results in longer than expected takeoff roll, and slower climbout. Are there plans to fix this bug?
  4. Great. I'll take that as you will fix this airplane when the sim continues to improve. Looking forward to it.
  5. I am trying to purchase a product through the store and it requires me to input my phone number for an SMS verfication. I enter my 10 digit number after "+1" because I am in the US but it tells me it's invalid after I submit it. It is the same problem as this post from last year: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/150101-input-for-sms-verification-issue/ Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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