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  1. Hehe Now we all know the update. &
  2. You'll gona get huge customer's base in Poland for Tatry-Poprad, I promise &
  3. I do have exactly this with 3GB graphics card. P3D 4.5 + ORBX everything and Aerosoft's CRJ on regional ORBX airport has like 15 fps in "medium-low" settings. On default airport 20 fps (SOMETIMES), on Drzewiecki's scenery - 10 fps. AS Twin Otter Extended in same places - 5 fps more than CRJ. Honestly - I would rather spend same money on PC rather than this ASUS if you want flightsimming. For most other videogames - it's pretty cool, 30+ fps on Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Apex Legends, Assassin's Creed Unity, you name it, &
  4. I wonder if the Flight Recorder is 'global issue'? I have Twin Otter and CRJ and neither have working Flight Recorder. Actually I hit start button but afterwards no file is generated in the folder. Is this the same piece of software as Airbus has? Thanks, &
  5. This is FANTASTIC!!! Great work I would add one excellent link to the list BTW: Oh, and do not forget to google for Mesaba CRJ manual. &
  6. @Emanuel HagenOut of curiosity - I know it is old and I know it is a bit off-topic: You would not set the parking brake on a runway and you can fail check for this, but SOP says you are supposed to set parking brake. Maybe it is just me, but - is your line failing checks for following SOP? I do not want to sound offensive, but just clarify RW procedure Andrzej
  7. Thanks for quick help, appreciated. Let's go shopping and flying then! Andrzej
  8. Hi, I wanted to clarify one thing before buying (tx for lowering the price BTW): If I buy the CRJ, will it contain installers for both FSX:SE and P3D 4.3? I understand that you are done with dev for FSX, but I am not ready to switch just now. I am however buying only 'dual-compatible' addons right now to prepare for Prepar3D Thanks in advance Andrzej
  9. I know the thread is 1,5 year old, but I almost got the Twin Otter from Flight1 basing on the information here. However to be on the safe side, I asked the question to their support and here is what Flight1 responded: "The product we sell on behalf of Aerosoft, is compatible with 32-Bit P3D up to version 3.x, it is not compatible with 64-bit P3D v4." So - despite it is cheaper to buy there, I got mine directly from Aerosoft. It is great product by the way Andrzej
  10. I know I can install them manually. However I paid 34 EUR for software package which consists of several items, including Livery Manager. I cannot see it working. have read several threads on this support forum. All I found are workarounds and explanations why some liveries do not work with LM. This is fine, I do get it. All I ask now is one example of a livery I could download and apply to my new and shiny DHC-6. Regards, Andrzej
  11. Thanks for quick response. I do understand that livery createor has to create a zip with proper file structure to allow AS Livery Manager to upload it to FSX. I do understand that even liveries available on Aerosoft site may be community created and not necessarily follow AS LM requirements. It is still a bit suprising that I dowloaded randomly 9 liveries and none worked with AS LM. Would someone be able to point me to a link with 'valid' livery so I can see the AS LM working? &
  12. Hi, I have seen this topic several times on the forum but I have not found any conclusive answer. I got Twin Otter Extended yesterday and wanted to load some extra liveries. I dowloaded several liveries (example below). When I run AS Livery Manager and hit 'Add Livery' button I keep getting message like "Sorry, this file cannot be installed". When i tried drag&drop method, new window pops up, but no preview is generated and AS LM gets stuck. Note: I am matching livery to aircraft version, I tried this with several files dowloaded from your site, Susi is just example. Please let me know what details you may need to troubleshoot. AS Livery Manager version: livman Windows 10 Thanks, Andrzej ).
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