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  1. I didn't buy the Airbus X for automation either...I conduct all of my landings by hand. I love flying the Level D 767 and PMDG 747 because I can actually fly SIDS and STARs by hands in those planes. I can't do that in the default 737, and I certainly can't do it in the Aerosoft Airbus. I've tried several times, but have been unsuccessful in hand flying this airplane with the FBW on. After disengaging the autopilot on approach, I push the nose forward ever so slightly to keep descending, and nothing happens. I push a little more...nothing. I push a little more, and the plane nose-dives into the ground. Then I pull all the way back on the stick to try and recover, and the plane pulls up at a very slow rate (to avoid high G forces obviously,) then I end up hitting the ground. That's just one example of what's wrong with the default FSX FBW, and I'm just sick of dealing with it. And yes...my joystick is calibrated correctly.
  2. Yeah, that presents a problem, given that the FSX FBW is a piece of garbage. Oh well...looks like this one is going on the shelf.
  3. Hmm.. Did some testing. Apparently it has to do with the fact that I have the FBW turned off in the aircraft.crg.
  4. I bought the Airbus X a few weeks ago, and have had several flights on it. I've yet to see the spoilers deploy or move, and I can't get them to do so no matter what I do. As far as I can tell, everything works just fine, except that the actual spoilers don't deploy. I can arm the spoiler level just fine during takeoff and landing, and the lever deploys as it should during a rejected takeoff or during a normal landing, but the actual spoilers on the wing don't move at all. In flight, I move the spoiler lever, and my airspeed decreases as it should. I feel the effects of the spoilers on the airplane, but again, the actual control surface doesn't move. I've had this issue for versions 1.20, 1.21, and 1.22. Has anybody else had this issue? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks, Phil
  5. I can get 30FPS in the air just fine as well, it's when I am on the ground at airports that they take a dive. I downloaded V1.21 from the updates section of the website (was like 9MB), and then just installed it. I did not do an un-installation of V1.20 or anything, as I didn't have another full version to install.
  6. Yeah, I just flew for the first time in V1.21 and it's no better. I also noticed that my frame rates are much worse than in the previous version (I get better performance in the PMDG 747), and I find it hard to continue flying the Airbus X when I can get better functionality and performance in many other addons. With the mediocre functionality, this plane is becoming more of a hassle to fly than an enjoyment...not being able to accurately fly an RNAV STAR really kills the realism of things. I'm thinking of shelving this plane until Aerosoft possibly comes out with some of those 'Advanced' features that were mentioned in the 'Beyond V1.20' Thread. I'm not dissing Aerosoft for not providing that in-depth functionality the first time around, as it's by far their first complex airliner, but I find it a little too 'stripped down' for my taste.
  7. Ok, thanks for the help guys. I certainly hope to TOD issue is fixed in the next version. I was under the impression that Aerosoft would be releasing their own official liveries, and not be depending on third parties for those 'dozens of extra paints,' as if that's the case, the advertisement is pretty misleading...but thanks for the link anyway.
  8. Hello all- Just bought the Aerosoft Airbus X, and am still getting used to it. 3 Questions: 1) Does the Airbus calculate the TOD, and am I supposed to be seeing it somewhere either on the map or the MCDU? I thought I read in the tutorial that a TOD should be displayed, but I haven't seen anything of the sort (yes... I have programmed the MCDU properly with the route and such per the checklist.) 2) Can I input altitude or speed restrictions in the MCDU? I tried to, but didn't get anywhere. If not, are there any plans to include this? 3) Any word on when the 'dozens of other paints available shortly after release.' will arrive? (Or have they already, and I just haven't found them?) Thanks, Phil
  9. Hello all- I am very interested in AES, as the concept is very useful. Now with its FSX compatibility, I am considering buying it. Does AES work online in multiplayer mode? Or does it work in single player only? Thanks.
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