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  1. Hi SK-AKO, I once had a similar problem with the Wilco 737. I modified the nose wheel posintion within the AES aircraft profile window. From memory I move the box forward by just a few CMs. Then I clicked the 'fix push back' That solved it for me. May be worth a try. regards Kelvin
  2. Have a look in the airports request thread. Kelvin
  3. Hi Jure, Thanks for your response. I personally don't have this problem as I don't have the scenery. I was trying to help WebMaximus get along with his problem regards Kelvin
  4. Hi Guys, I'm a little lost here. EKCH ver 3 was released 29 June 2012 right? The release notes list in AES ver 2.23a list EKCH Ver 3 supported from AES 2.10. Now I think AES 2.10 was released about February 2011. So either EKCH ver 3 presents no change to AES or one of the entries are wrong and an update is pending. Any guidance please? regards Kelvin
  5. I am certain both the ground and docking board are UK2000 scenery and not AES. Check the forums over there.
  6. Hi Oliver, Just a question. I know you have been very busy with the new versions but I notice still no Eiresim Luton. Is this still planned? best regards Kelvin
  7. Hi Oliver, OK- Restarted FS9 - selected EGKK runway - selected iFly 737 - repositioned to gate - no duplicated vehicles. Repositioned to runwat - opened AEShelp aircraft parameters - changed nothing and closed - repositioned to same gate - front catering duplicated. Never have problem unless I open AEShelp as above. Kelvin
  8. I opened and checked settings on the runway. Moved to the gate from Airport menu. Airbridge swung into position Ok but duplication happened after requesting services. Kelvin
  9. s requested: [Descr] Type=B737 [Geom] Nosegear= 10.3 Door1=-1.6, 9.2, 2.7, 6 Door4=-1.6,-11.9, 3,-8 Front= .85, 5.75, 1.45 Rear= .65,-8.1, 1.7 regards Kelvin
  10. Oliver, Definite issue with front catering vehicle duplication. Using FS9 at UK2000 EGKK and iFly 737-700, 1st vehicle arrives OK. 2nd catering vehicle arrivse, aligns on top of first but about 3mtrs away from aircraft. regards Kelvin
  11. Happy Birthday AES. Happy Birthday to me as well, although I am 53 years older than AES. Well done- the new version and prospects look really good. regards Kelvin
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