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  1. Thanks for the quick answer and sorry for the post but I didnt manage to see the FAQ. I tried fro 3 hours to find the correct cg. height but it takes me 10 minutes to restart the fs and start again(because it seems that by just reloading the aircraft, no changes happen in the aircraft) and just 15 seconds to make the change in the aircraft.cfg. If anyone ever finds the correct points please inform me. Otherwise i will just not fly with the skyspirit 748s thanks again for your time.
  2. Hello. I have a problem with the pushback of the Posky(Skyspirit) 747-8. Every time i start a pushback with 747-8, the aircraft start jumping up and down. I know that someone else may have asked the same question but do you have any solution? I asked to a forum of Posky(Skyspirit) on facebook but they told me to ask you. Thanks in advance Antonis SX-AKO
  3. It was my mistake regarding the access rights I was starting FSX via REX and thought that because REX asked for Administrator rights, by opening fsx from the REX menu the administrator right wouild be applied to the FSX. Anyway my mistake and thanks for the support. I know open FSX with administrator rights and AES config with administrator rights and everythins works Thanks again SX-AKO
  4. Nope. I expected to see the warning windows of AES that the aircraft is not configured.
  5. Hello. Yesterday I started AES Help with administrator and after that started the FSX with the following procedure: 1) REX as administrator 2) From REX interface I started a FSX I started a flight with an Dash 8 q100 and a second flight with A320 of Aegean Star Alliance and everything worked fine. Today I started the FSX the same way and chose a ATR 42 and no Ground Support nor the CTRL + SHIFT + W worked. It is like it never loaded AES 2.21 I have AES first in the scenery library and the Autogen Sparse. About the first question I did not answer all the airports I have unlocked are always active.
  6. I just tried it and still no ground support on any airport any aircraft
  7. No it means that it may work on all unlocked airports when i load fsx one day, and the very next day not work to any of the airports. I tried to delete the installation and re-install it but no luck. I tried 2-3 different airports but nothing. no ground services nor the Ctrl + Shift + W works to open the menu. I tried to resynch / repair the airports but nothing. It is not working SX-AKO
  8. Hello I have problem with AES 2.21. It is not always working. It may work one time I load FSX but the next time it may not work. I have autogen on sparse. I use REX, UT2 and some others add-ons. Also i have tried to changes the vehicles with an add-on I found on Avsim. Can this cause the problem? Any solution or any indication on what is the problem?
  9. It has to do with the LGRP of Greek Airports Project. Is it compatible with the AES 2.13?
  10. Yes. I changed that and everything works now. Thanks for the assist. May I ask something else in this post instead of opening a new post? it is relevant with the AES but not with madeira
  11. I entered to the active runway of fly tampa Athens and all worked fine. Then used the " go to airport" button and moved to Madeira's active runway and it is like I haven't activated the AES.
  12. I have activated the AES for Madeira X, At AES Help it indicates that the airport is activated but when i go to the airport I see no support when I shut down engines and set parking brake. I tried pressing CTRL +SHIFT + W and nothing happens. The strange is that when I go to check if AES works on other activated airports I still have no support. If i quit that flight and then start a new one and set the aircraft at one of the other supported and AES activated airports all works fine. Any ideas about the reasons this happens? Any hint or solution will be greatly accepted. Thanks in Advance Antonis
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