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  1. FYI I have a copy of an ASA OFP and have done my best with it but the way the crew view it, it isn't formatted in 1 long sheet like traditional pages. I can add it thought this week. It's probably usable for our purposes.
  2. WHen you print the released FP you get an option the left to include 'crew info'
  3. Well its the same information just used slightly different so you'd just the commands from the flight plan manual.
  4. Basically Crew Info is crew info... Things like handlers at both airports, frequency and contact details for them and for refuellers. ACARS is again what it says it is. Some OFP's have a shortened format so you can receive a re-clearance through ACARS And print it out from the flightdeck and it appears in the correct format. I've uploaded an example of what the crew information might look like from an old flightplan.
  5. I do but it uses tables and would be quite fiddly to put into PFPX. That said I'm not adverse at giving it a go
  6. Version 2


    This is 99% accurate to the Flight Plan format Global Supply Systems use - operators of British Airways Cargo. There's no re-dispatch area as it is not used in the real one. There's no ETOPS information as none is included in the real one. Previously the file has only been available at British Airways Virtual however with the GSS contract due to end with BAW I have decided to make it freely available. Installation - Place in Flightplan Templates Folder in Documents. This file is not to be uploaded anywhere else. Enjoy!
  7. Version 1


    This is as close as possible I can get to a Thomas Cook TCX OFP for the moment. This is the best representation I can do of an up to date format that TCX use. This plan is specific to A330 operation as it contains static data relating to the aircraft which may not make sense with other aircraft. Its important to note that if you want the ETP data to show correctly - the aircraft you use must have only 1 Diversion Scenario. I would advise this is decompression and engine out situation. If you use an aircraft that has multiple diversion scenarios, the ETP data will look cluttered and may be hard to read. There are two versions included:- TCX A330 - does not include a North Atlantic Track clearance section but will still display ETP data TCX A330 NAT - does include a North Atlantic Track clearance section and ETP data If you wish to print the plan out then you need only select the Operational Flightplan button as it includes the ATC flight plan. Both TXT files need to go into your Flightplan Template folder. I hope to update the plan as and when appropriate fields have been added to PFPX.
  8. Hi Gents, First off great job on the Airbus. Shes magnificent. However just had a wee problem. Took off out of heathrow, had manually put 2 fixes departure specific and the rest of the route. I engaged the autopilot and upon climbing past FL100, the airplane makes a right turn to head towards BPK however the plane remains in a right bank, nose pitched up and will not respond to any autopilot command other than manual joystick input. Both AP1 and AP2 were tried and neither responded. The flight director is showing off to the extreme left and when trying to engage the autopilot to track heading or hold an altitude, it won't respond. I shall try and replicate this again see whether it was me or the plane. Cheers, Tim
  9. HI Mathjis, r.e. a closed forum - I was wondering whether anything regarding the NDA had been further discussed? As unless I am much mistaken nothing has been posted. Best Wishes, Tim
  10. Chaps, I think you forgot that Aerosoft are making the Sim, dont need to do all the clever stuff themselves. As long as they have provided the nesacery outputs for data extraction e.g. current altitude, ground speed, lat/long, gear up/down then 3rd pary guys can do the extra eye candy bits. E.g. Should there be an FMC in the plane, as long as Aerosoft have created the correct paths for the FMC ACARS to interface with website, then Aerosoft dont need to make the FMC themselves, that can be left up to PMDG or Level-D, Airsimmer etc...
  11. As a pilot connecting to an online network:- - IVAO or VATSIM, or another, the connection process should be the same but clearly labelled (wether that is by big text saying IVAO or VATSIM or by the GUI) - Frequency changes should be done either by a pop up window - (allowed to be un-dockable to move to a 2nd monitor) OR via the radio Panel - Important footnote here, ATC should be able to see which callsign is speaking to them as to stop people with hot mics stamping over everyone - Flight Plan filing should be received by ATC without being online and be valid for up to 2 hours before departure and half an hour after specified departure time - No duplicate callsigns (it may sounds silly to put it in but its worth having it twice than not at all) - Private message/chat to other pilots, and control centres - ATIS / METAR Look-up with either text or possibly voice annunciation - Ability to see controlled areas up to 100 nautical miles from airspace boundary - Landing runway at destination or departure runway at a glance - useful if flying a) into an un-familiar runway large airport where multiple runways are used - really useful when ATC isn't online. - Other users will show up as default model library, or in the case of IVAO, as one of their excellent MTL models. Just a few things I would look for. Cheers Tim
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