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  1. You didn't do anything wrong. The Ramp Mil Cargo positions are there to inhibit the display of FSX ground vehicles. It is a tactic that some payware providers use.
  2. Awesome. This was really the main paint I wanted when I bought this package. I really appreciete you painting it Holgi. Looking forward to lots of flights from DTW and FLL to Montego Bay, Cancun, St. Maartin and Punta Cana. 90% of my flights are from major US airports to holiday destinations. Good scenery and AES support are a must for the DEP and ARR airport. If you look at this route map, you can see why I really wanted this paint:
  3. I also agree. In the end, it is the loyal AES and LatinVFR customers that get punished.
  4. Thank you so much Holgi! I am thrilled to see that it is in the works and it is looking great.
  5. And BTW, I made the 3rd request for this paint about a week ago: http://forum.aerosof...t-a321-in-grey/ I got 68 views and not one person agreeing that the paint would be helpful. I have been begging for this paint since Airbus X was released but every time I post a thread, no one responds. Of course, I also asked for an Israir A320 early on but that went nowhere as well.
  6. I have asked the same question. You would think that since there are only two operators of the A321 in the US, they would have been done a long time ago. I believe it is because very few people actually bought Airbus X in the US. If the product was a big seller, there would be more than 2 people doing paints. I hate when this happens and It makes me less likely to take a chance on a product that isn't really popular. We had the same problem with the Aerosim Saab 340 - no one bought it so no one painted it. The guys that have been painting stuff have been doing a great job but in the end, they are going to paint what they want to paint. To be quite honest, had PA released their A321 with their A319 and and A320, I probably never would have bought Airbus X. All I really wanted was a Spirit A321.
  7. I was wondering if Holgi or any other kind person would paint the Spirit A321. Thanks.
  8. Again, no disrespect intended for the volunteers. For Aerosoft, they should have had the packages in place before they released the product and you should have had the opportunity to test the in the final product first. Anyway, FSXAddict said that he will send you a message with permission to post it.
  9. If you complain about anything regarding paints, the volunteers get upset. I have never made a complaint about the lack of volunteer support for this product and if it was taken that way, I apologise. Nonetheless, you can not include the availability of FREEWARE repaints as a feature for a PAYWARE product. QW managed to do all the big liveries for their 757. I would have to think that they had fewer resources than Aerosoft. Aerosoft should have included the paints in the release. The volunteers did a fantastic job making up for Aerosoft's shortcomings. As I have said, there are two operators of the A321 in the US. IMHO, both of them should have been included with the original download. That's just my opinion. It is certainly not an attack on the volunteers that did all the paints. It is a criticism of Aerosoft and I believe it 100% fair. Its not like I just want my favorite airline. Having the A321 was a big draw for me when I decided to purchase this product. Right now, I can't use the A321 unless I fly from a US Airways hub. Since CLT is the only hub with add on scenery for FSX, that means I can't fly the A321 unless I fly to/from CLT. That's why I want this repaint. Its not because it is my favorite airline. Anyway, back to the original subject, per FSXAddict, he sent the files to Shaun Fletcher but they got lost in the shuffle. FSX Addict doesn't have them and Shaun doesn't have them. I understand that you can not upload them without FSXAddicts permission. I will PM him to let him know you have the files. I appreciate you letting us know that they actually exist. And again (I think I have said this to your before), thank you for all of your work.
  10. That's good news that Holgi may do it. Bad news that he is the only one doing them. I honestly don't think sales were big enough for Airbus X to support a large amount of community repaints. I also think that Aerosoft should have released a lot more repaints with the product. QW released a ton with their 757. Had I known that the Spirit A321 wouldn't have been available, I probably would have never bought the product. 90% of my flights are from the US to the Caribbean/Mexico. Not having the Spirit A321 creates a big hole for me. If I am flying from A US Airways hub, I always pick the QW757 over the A321 or A320.
  11. Bump. Is there a reason why no one wants to do this one? I think it is one of the sharpest liveries ever on a A321. Too hard? Not popular enough? Something against US carriers? Enlighten me please. If I had the skills, I would do it myself. If a reputable painter wanted to do it for a fee, I would consider it.
  12. Bump, With 86 views, people must want this repaint. It only takes this one paint for all of the A321s in the US to be covered. Could someone please tackle this one?
  13. Thanks. I appreciate that. Does that included the patch or should I downlaod that as well?
  14. The page pulls up but when you scroll down and click on the 2.10 download, you get: Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect to Suggestions: Try reloading: www.­aerosoft2.­de/­downloads/­aes/­AS_Airport-­Enhancement-­Services_V210.­zipSearch on Google:
  15. Hello, I was wondering if anyone would consider this repaint. It is the current paint scheme for Spirit Airlines on their A321's. Spirit is one of only two airlines that operate the A321 in the US and these aircraft can be seen all over the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. It was once thought that this paint had already been done but I have confirmed with the person that originally painted it, and with Aerosoft, that the files have been lost. As a result, there is no paint for this aircraft that I am aware of. The one that was listed in the big repaint thread does not exist. I would really appreciate it if someone took this one on. Thanks.
  16. Hello Shaun. Could you please read the PM I sent you? Thanks
  17. A while ago I was at FT's KBUF. I was starting from the cargo ramp in the QW757 and I could not get AES service at that location. I am assuming that all start locations may not be set up for AES. Is this true? If so, is there a way I can tell which locations are enabled for AES so I pick the right one during flight planning. Maybe something in AFX or ADE? Before you ask, yes, all the usual conditions were met for AES - parking brake, BUF enabled. The gates were working fine and the QW757 is all set up.
  18. Thanks for looking further in to this.
  19. It would be fictional for El Al. If you want something Israeli and real world, you want Israir I requested it a while ago and there were no takers.
  20. Thanks Shaun. I guess I didn't look close enough at the files. Seems a little obvious.
  21. Hello, I was wondering how I can go about removing the sound effects from Manhattan X. Although they are great if you are flying out of a heliport, I don't like them when I am sitting at the gate at JFK. I remember seeing something during the installation that had the option but I don't want to reinstall it. Are there a few files that I can remove? Thanks.
  22. I agree. I was a die hard 2d panel guy in FS9. With FSX, MS ditched cockpit side views for 2d panels. Not seeing a portion of the cockpit when I looked from left to right seemed really unrealistic to me and you can't fly just looking forward. All FSX aircraft must have a VC IMHO and if you make a good one, the 2d becomes irrelevant once you get used to it. The Airbus X is not perfect by any means but something they got right was the VC. As far as the head movement is concerned, pick up EZDok so you can create zoomed camera views for different areas in the cockpit. For example, I have one for the overhead, one for the glareshield, one for the FMC... You can create them with no effects at all and they are just as easy to use as pop up panels.
  23. I have confirmed that the author that posted the pic in the 47 page livery thread does not have the files to upload. I would love it if someone could do this livery. Thanks.
  24. BTW Cesar, the scenery looks good. This is the first product I bought from you and having AES suppert was the factor that made me buy it. Now, how about some Quitana Roo airports por favor?
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