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  1. At this moment the owners of the download version can find the full update in on their order history page. We did not yet announce this widely because the boxed update is not completed, we think that will be done tomorrow and then we'll news it on the news page etc.

    Do I get it right that CD owners have to pay another 10€ to get the update and the owners of the download version get the update for free?

  2. I agree with Patrick, you can set up your AI with WoAI within 1 day for free. The other option would be to use the flightplans on avsim and flightsim.com and compile them yourself, that's the way I do it, I know what I have installed and it's easy to update. Just delete the old ones and compile the new ones while you would need to wait for an update for payware products.

    And as Patrick said, quality is the same, if not even better.

    This page may be a good start if you want to compile it yourself:


  3. I haven't had any really big download files, but the Mega Airport Budapest update is bigger than 1 GB, just one single file, and it will take ages to download it here with my DSL1000.

    I am not sure, if it's the same in the onlineshop, but I would suggest splitting such files up in files of maybe 300 or 400 MB.

    So you don't have to download them all at once.

  4. Zu 2 : Das ist beabsichtigt, du kannst dies manuell in einem entsprechenden Programm ändern. Dadurch, dass die Parkposition als Militärrampen konfiguriert wurden, werden vom FSX keine Gepäckwagen und Pushbackfahrzeuge, etc. generiert. Diese würden sonst nämlich mitten im Terminal stehen.

  5. @ Shaun, yes I tried and nothing showed up.

    @ Simon, yes sorry, I was moving it to a different partiton. Well, didn't work so I uninstalled all add-ons and Flightsim and reinstalled it to the new directory, but I was still having the same error.

    I told my brother to install FS9 on his PC to check if something might be wront with my installation or the CD. It worked on his PC, so I thought either Windows or Hardware are making trouble.

    However. I've got the problem solved by a simple Windows reinstall -.-

    Thanks for your help anyway

  6. Hi all,

    I was running my FS9 for several years on many different PCs.

    Now I've built a new system, added a new partition for FS9 only.

    Well, I installed FS9 to this location and wanted to try it out, but I get an error message reading "License is required!" right after starting up fs9.exe. However FS will load up after about 5 error messages all saying the same.

    I don't know which license is meant. There is no and has never been an license key or something else, only a ProductID is given during installation.

    I've already updated to FS9.1 and tried to contact microsoft support by mail as mentioned in in the FS9 Manual, but I got the mail back because the adress doesn't exist -.-

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this, it's really annoying?

    Thanks in Advance!


  7. That surely is a smart and economical decision. nodding-1.gif But only for those who are very patient and don't mind missing the fun here and now. I am not like that.

    Not having seen any preview of Nuremberg, I wouldn't expect the package soon. And you still don't have the gorgeous EDDM? :blink:

    I'm very patient, so no problem that three airports are still missing (Dresden, Nuremberg and a secret one [still hoping for EDSB]) :D

    And as I knew that Munich was going to be released as a single Mega Airport I bought it of course and it is in highly use :D

  8. Mathjis.

    I'd recommend you checking mindfactory.de.

    They're selling the i7 for 168€ and the P67 or 97€ ;)

    My brother order his new system there and I will order my new one there in April or May aswell for about 400€ (without HDD, GPU and other parts that I will keep). Their support is great. Shipping is about 11€ in Germany, but I don't know about shipping costs to France.

    Didn't check the rest, but it should be worth a look.




    I just checked your whole system.

    Excluding the ModXStream (it's not available there) you would get that system for less than 1000€.

    I calculated 947.21€.

  9. Hello Shaun,

    as you can see when you click on the link in my sig (which is the one which is not working at the moment) the picture should be little enough to be used in here. But I still can't use it.

    What am I doing wrong?

    As Shaun said, you can use 300x98

    Your picture is 400x80, so it's too big.

  10. Bloody hell. It is the XP-67 of course as you so clearly demonstrated with your link. How the hell did you find that so fast? How many pixels do I have to give to hide it?

    New rule, if you won one contest you are out for that year.

    Pretty easy, you see that logo on the wing, so it's a USAF plane, I googeld for US WWII planes and google gave me this link: http://www.daveswarbirds.com/usplanes/american.htm

    Every WWII used by the USAF is listed.

    I scrolled through most of them looking for a twin engined plane with two "plates" (I thought that was where the engines are, but that's the other side :D) and it needed to have a higher sharp center. And the XP-67 matched it all and additionally the picture there is nearly the same :D

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