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  1. Thanks I forgot about those.
  2. Yes I have all this stuff working in other planes including the 808s. But because the PDA in the DiscusX is to small and does not show all the detail of the GPS I use in the other sailplanes, I wish to be able to bring it up. I do know what needs to be put in the panel.cfg the problem is all I get is a black screen when I select the GPS. Even if I put the simple stock GPS coding in that is used in the 808, I still get black screen.
  3. GPS not defined. I Entered the code for a GPS in the panel.cfg and all I get is a black screen with no GPS. I also would like to get the AH to come up. Is there any way of defining that to come up in a corner of the screen. also I would like the gauge's on a secondary monitor. I would also like the GPS to show up on a third monitor. The other two monitors are separate computers. With the Sim I fly now the flight sim is on the 38" the server and Instruments are on a different computer with a 28" and the GPS and flight info is on a different computer with a 15". So basically I want to set up a similar setup. K
  4. OK Thanks Light Bloom did the trick. Don't understand that one my system should be able to handle that one. Ken
  5. I have not been able to find a way to disable DX 10
  6. I have reinstalled FSX Deluxe and Acceleration this ran nicely on the old HD this is a new HD The computer is up to date with Drivers but on a few planes I get a white preview screen and if I hit fly now all I get is a white screen. I tried to search for this problem with no avail. Does any one know what can be causing this. OS is XP Pro 64, 8gigs of ram, GeForce 8800 GTS Ran fine before. K
  7. Well said all. Not much to add. FSX is improving, if your interested in screen shots and some short movies about Condor check out http://team-falcon.us go to Movies or Galleries. It will show you quit a bit. Yes it would be good if there was a trial version, but I have heard from others that they downloaded a version 106 or 108 something like that, Liked the program uninstalled it then bought the full version. ( You cant join the online flights with those). Mainly if you get version 112 and Plane Pack 1 you wont be disappointed, http://www.condorsoaring.com/ There are over 5000 online Soaring pilots that use Condor and a large percent fly RL also. You will find most are members of Condor Club http://www.condor-club.eu/ and there you will find Sceneries, Tasks, and the ability to earn your different Soaring Badges and Diplomas. We also fly FSX and are now starting to test out the new Discus. When we fly online we use Hamachi to connect. Condor to Kick A** and compete , You can also just fly for fun, there are many free flights meaning no task assigned. FSX to Have fun and sight see When we figure out how to maintain scoring FSX would be more scenic for Comps. Ken
  8. LOL , I guess I should have done that instead of just unzipping to FSX directory. Thanks
  9. Hi I used to have Abacus EZ-Scenery or something very simuler working in FSX. My system crashed a while back and I am just now getting everything re installed. I have installed EZ-Scenery but it does not show up on the menu bar. I now I had something there I designed and redesigned a few airports withe it. Was there something I needed to do to get it to work. Also What do I put in FSX.cfg to get CumulusX to start automatically? Ken
  10. The Good thing is, They do talk to us, and ask for our input.
  11. Hi Mathijs, My two cents! I like FSX but Fly Condor instead. You guys designed a nice Discus but still it is flown in FSX. so for new sim how about allowing a serverlist hosting for competitions Sample ( http://www.condorsoaring.com/serverlist.php ), How about more real weather with proper Ridge and thermal lift. Please have designers fly Condor to or have real Sailplane pilots with both Ridge and Thermal Experience Help. I enjoy flying FSX for allot of reasons but if you can include the proper weather and the competitive side you will get a lot more sailplane pilots. There are over 5,000 just in Condor Club. So I ask for better weather, More sailplanes and an IP serverlist forwarding option. K
  12. Now if I can remember how to reconfigure My Saitek X52 And how to see the 3d cockpit of the new discus instead of the standard one.
  13. Found it deleted and reinstalling Acceleration just in case
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