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  1. Nice to have - personal Fleet Management options. Users have a collection of default, payware and freeware aircraft - would be nice to be able to place your own collection of aircraft at an airfield or airfields of your choice. For example I could display all ( or a selection) of my aircraft on the apron at an airfield, then hop into the one I want to fly. also concur with the previous post about being able to add simple land marks or scenery. Example - Google sketch up is freeware easy to use software that allows you to design 3d buildings and objects and you can place these objects in google earth- maybe you can do the same with the flight sim? for example I can build a model of my house in Sketch UP, then place it in the Sim and fly over it ( or land a heli in the garden!). Would be also neat for placing circuit reference points around airfields. For example I have a good addon scenery of my local GA airfiled, but the downwind , base and final turning visual reference points are missing ( a church, a water tower and a small forest ) - using a Sketch Up program you could easily create and place these objects. It would also allow you to import ready made objects and buildings from a community library and place them wherever you like. Good luck with the new sim.. Irving Grey
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