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  1. or you can go to Start menu - find (i.e.) A3xx Configurator - Properties = and you can read the path.
  2. Step by step manual / 7 - Non Precision App
  3. In the A3xx configurator do you have checked the correct NavigationDataSource: NavDataPro/Navigraph ?
  4. Enabling the CL on start and performing every actions needed, it is possible to activate the co-pilot in mid flight if necessary? Thanks
  5. Hi, is there a way to permanently store a default voice frequency (Unicom 122.800) so that at each loading of the plane is already properly adjusted? A31x - A32x pro thanks Flavio
  6. If it is of some help to developer, sometime the problem happen to me too with A320 pro
  7. If you want RAAS when you fly Boeing you could create two .BAT files named in example Airbus.bat and Boeing.bat in order to exclude/include the dll.xml without/with RAAS and then it launch P3d.
  8. if you wish e free sw ... I use FSXWX
  9. Hi, I saw with great satisfaction that it is released the new Lukla for p3dv4. The system required reports: Processor: Quad Core CPU with 3.5 GHz Memory: 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 2666 MHz I have: Processor: Quad Core CPU with 3.1 GHz (OC 3.4) Memory: 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 665 MHz Do you think I can't run properly the scenery?
  10. The thing I hope is that the airbus professional series will be available for the new simulator. The bad news, instead, is that I will have to change my PC ... the big problem is not the money ... is to convince my wife
  11. Have you tried adding under model= EXTIAE or EXTIAENEWLH or EXTIAEShark or EXTIAESHRKJB ?
  12. I have i5-2400 @3.10GHz O-C@3.4GHz , 16Gb ram , MSI GTX970 gaming 4 Gb ... and it's ok (with some sliders tuned ... not only for AS bus)
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