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  1. A couple of requests that should be quite Easy, - FREEflow Bermuda scenery by FS-Freeflow for FS2004. It was released in 2005 and has won the Flightsim.com Developer's award. There are no jetways at the airport (only aircraft stair access to aircraft) so maybe it could be possible? The zip file on Flightsim.com is ffbmv13.zip - Max Kraus Grantley Adams International, Barbados for FS2004 and FSX. Freeware scenery in amazing quality. Like Bermuda there are no jetways, just stairs to the aircraft so that might also help? Search for "Max Kraus" on Flightsim.com and the sceneries will appear.
  2. Any chance we can let the developer know of the suggestion?
  3. Hi guys, I had a suggestion. On the release of Arlanda, a part of Terminal 5 is under construction... This has been completed for a while now. Would there be a chance to offer a small update to fix this? It wouldn't involve much work as existing textures would probably suffice. Thanks Simon
  4. Thanks Oliver. I have one more question though.... Arlanda doesn't load either with similar problems and the performance requirements are much lower than for Munich. My processor also exceeds the requirements for Munich. Would you recommend that I install more ram? Increase it to 2GB? Also could you give me some advice as to optimum FS9 settings... Targets frame rates etc.. Thank you, Simon
  5. Hi, I have recently bought Mega airport Munich and have some issues. It takes a long time for the scenery to load and often after a while it gives up and I get a message saying that there isn't enough memory and FS9 shuts down. I have the same problem with Arlanda airport and also Frankfurt. Can you help me to optimise my system or offer some advice for upgrades? My computer specs are as follows: Dell Dimension 5000 1GB of RAM 72GB of hard disk space left Radeon X300 series graphics I just don't know what to do to make my system run better.... Do I need more ram? I feel bad that I cannot use the Munich or other addons I have bought because the system crashes due to lack of memory. Thanks, Simon
  6. Hey... I was wondering when Larnaca for FS9 will be released? Cheers, Simon
  7. I have heard that sales of some new Aerosoft products for FS2004 have outdone their FSX versions, which to me says there is a huge market out there and the fact that new airports are still being developed for FS9 must mean there is a market? It would mean A LOT to have Gardermoen for FS9 if possible and would be a sure money maker, especially if integrated with some of the Norwegian freeware landclass and mesh out there. At the moment we only have the freeware Norway-Airports, which although good is very limiting. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have the Aerosoft Arlanda scenery and unlike other sceneries I own, it is very slow and often crashes my flightsim because it runs out of memory. Can I improve the frame rates by for example removing dynamic airport vehicles or installing lower resolution pictures? I have a good system yet feel that it was a waste of money purchasing this scenery. Thanks
  9. Hi, I love AES and at the majority of airports I have it activated I am extremely happy with its realism. However, I recently purchased the new scenery for WSSS and noticed that after I had activated it in AES (using 5 credits) that the gates were replaced with generic gates also used in sceneries such as Bucharest and Toronto. Will these gates be changed to reflect the real gates used at Changi?? I ask because when you use 5 of your credits (equal to about €8) and the more realistic gates of the original scenery are replaced with less realistic gates when AES is activated, it isn't that impressive. Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work! Simon
  10. Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing the ImagineSim VHHH but I already have the Thomas Kwong freeware version. When it comes to using AES credits on the new version is there any discount if you have had them on Thomas Kwong's before? Thanks
  11. Hmm dieses Problem habe ich auch. Ich habe auch Real Environment Professional etwas, das ganz viele von uns FS2004-Leute haben um das FS-Erlebnis zu verbessern.Könntet Ihr vielleicht einen Fix ausgeben, damit wir Real Environment Professional nicht deinstallieren müssen?
  12. Hi, I have been using AES and at most airports it works a dream but at LIS and VIE the gates are so small that they just don't look realistic when attached to the aircraft, especially at Lisbon where the gates are so small that the door actually appears over the top of them. Is there any plan to fix this problem by enlarging the jetways in future versions?? When you pay for a product you expect that it will work fine but I just find myself wondering why I wasted credits on these airports. Thanks
  13. I am very disappointed by the fact that the FS community has somewhat overlooked Copenhagen airport. The only scenery out there is the one by Swedflight, which in my opinion is of very bad quality (many freeware products of other airports are better) and a total rip off at a price that is comparable to the amazing quality of Aerosoft products. This airport is Northern Europe's major hub with a catchment area serving the Sjælland region of Denmark and the Skåne region of Sweden. The aircraft has also recently gone under a major change, with the opening of a new centralised security check area in 2007, the renovation and extension of Finger C (non-schengen flights), the building of a connector between terminal's 1 and 2/3, the opening of a new metro station at Terminal 3, completely rebuilt and extended duty-free and shopping areas and a new control tower... Now a new low-cost pier called "Copenhagen Swift" is being built as an extension of Finger D and the air bridges are gradually being replaced with newer, glass models. In my opinion this addon would be incredibly popular if developed and would be the only version out there to accurately depict EKCH. (Making it for FS2004 as well as FSX would also be a good move as many Scandinavians use this due to the lack of quality FSX addons for the region)
  14. I am wondering because it would be a shame to lose usage of Tegel, Dusseldorf and Bremen... If Hamburg X is placed above GAP will it work as it should and should the old GAP3 AFCAD file be deleted?? Thanks
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