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  1. Thank you for the info - given that you can push out updates better (if needed), I'll think I'll go with buying from Aerosoft direct. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, fellow Aerosofters! Hope you are all keeping safe. I am making the move to MSFS, and have tons of Aerosoft purchases from the good ol' FSX days. Some absolute classics! Anyway, I have a question being brand new to MSFS - where is the best place to buy? The CRJ looks brilliant to me. Should I use this site, or the MSFS Marketplace? Are there pros and cons? I guess using the Marketplace will mean that I won't have to worry about manual updates any more? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, and apologies if this is a stupid question. Thank you for your help! -Adrian
  3. Hi Guys, Im a stubborn FSX user, but iv decided to have a look at XPlane 10, now that some descent plane have landed for it! I do have a question about camera views in the virtual cockpit, though. Is there an addon that will let me set my camera views? Something like EZdok that FSX has? Iv come pretty reliant on that addon, so something similar for XPlane would be brilliant. If not, how do you guys pan and zoom around the cockpit? I would like to create my own cameras that i can assign keyboard (or better yet, spare joystick) buttons to. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Cool, thanks for your help, guys.
  5. Hi, everyone! I have just bought VFR Germany West 2010 and its amazing (if you dont have it, get it now! :-) ). One question, if thats ok - Im looking now at the other areas ( Particularly South), but i notice these are not '2010' versions. I was just wondering how the border of South will match up with 2010 West? Will there be a noticeable line or is it seamless? Thank you for your time. A
  6. Cool thanks. Yep, i keep my AIRAC up to date regularly from Navigraph. My main aircraft is from PMDG (not that im trying to land a 747 at EGLC!), but the J41.
  7. Thanks for your input - im wondering if this will affect ILS landings?
  8. Hi Guys - I have just installed VFR London X 1.20, then immediatly updated to 1.30. The runways are showing as 09/27 on the ground in FSX, which is fine. However, the FSX Map is still showing them as the older 10/28, as is FS Commander (after a scenery refresh). Obviously i have done something wrong when installing. I dont have any other scenery in that area (apart from Heathrow) Would someone please help me out? Thank you for your time!
  9. AdrianB


    Hi Guys - I have a quick question about AES, and the credit system that it uses. Can someone please explain to me how the system works? If i buy credits, and for some reason need to reinstall Windows, get a new computer, or whatever, will i lose my credits? How will AES know what i have bought? Im assuming (and hoping) that the application asks for a password or something and 'activates' the airports i have applied credits to. Also, will it help me find the runway? I have trouble finding the right one i need from the gate! I hope someone can help me, i really like the look of this! Thanks!
  10. Nice one, i was getting that problem as well! Thanks for the solution!
  11. Im being really immature, but that was so funny! :-D
  12. Fair point, this is true. But, i can actually use that plane! :-)
  13. The Eaglesoft Citation X V2 has a FADEC - but it gives you the option to use the keyboard if you want to...
  14. I fully agree - a simple 2D popup of the MCDU would be very handy!
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