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  1. Jaime, This is likely an AFCAD issue with the scenery. If Iberia is not assigned to parking spots in T4, the AI will not show up there and may appear elsewhere. The best idea is to use Airport Design Editor program, load in the scenery's .bgl file and take a look at the airlines coded for the T4 parking spots. For Iberia Express, the code for the parking spots should be "IBS" in the scenery .bgl file Also the AI aircraft also need this same code based on what is stated in the aircraft.cfg for the AI aircraft. Just one more point: Best to do this first: This may also depend upon your traffic density setting. If the % traffic is low, it could be those planes do not show up. To test, set the traffic slider to around 50% and see if the Iberia Express planes appear.
  2. Hi, Those long lines could be a texturing issue. If you recently updated P3D did you delete the Shaders folder? If not I would suggest doing that. Was there any change to the graphics driver recently?
  3. Alex, Looks like underlying tetxure files from another scenery. Do you have Orbx EU England or True Earth GB installed? If so, after your V5.2 installation, you probably had to synch the simulators or verify files and the underlying EGLL files in the Orbx scenery were re-enabled meaning you have conflicting textures between Aerosoft's EGLL and Orbx. I would check in the Orbx scenery folders and a rename anything that is EGLL related from xxx.BGL to xxx.OFF https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/191190-orbx-central-issue-with-eu-england-p3dv4/
  4. For the Queue function, which enables downloads to be initiated, I am wondering if that function is compatible with some of the commercial Internet downland managers? I use IDM and that really speeds the process up of downloading some of the larger GB sized files. Can you comment on how this will work with Queue and if these types of download managers can be used in combination? At least from the current Aerosoft account and the Instant Downloads page, these are just links to the downloads that work well with IDMs. Thanks.
  5. Hello Bob, Yes, I wasn't thinking of all versions being stored, but at least you can roll back/undo to what you had prior to the install i.e 1 version previous.
  6. Hello, I have my A320 installed in a separate folder location outside the main P3Dv5 folder. Everything is working fine however today I noticed when looking at the add-on.xml file that there is a reference to a Fonts folder along with other references to Simobjects and Effects. If I look into the folder structure below the A320, simobjects and effects folders are present however the Fonts folder is not present. I am not seeing any specific issues in the aircraft but wondered why this folder is not present ? Note: I also checked my P3Dv4 installation on the same machine, but in a different sim location and exactly the same observation. What is the function of this folder? Version installed is for both sim versions. Thanks.
  7. Also display the supported sub-versions of the main sim for each sim add-on. I see the left nav pane shows major sim versions but it could be that specific add-ons are only compatible with a specific sub-version of the main sim moving forward.
  8. A roll-back function to the previous version would be good to have. Give the complexity of add-ons in general, its more than likely a compatibility issue will be discovered by a user, so having the ability to roll back to the previously installed verision would helpful.
  9. Jeff, Is the KATLKDEN01.flp flight plan in the folder Documents/Aerosoft/General/A3XX Flightplans?
  10. Gary, that feature is available on all the Airbus models from Aerosoft I believe. Does the function as described above not work for you?
  11. Ah! That's good news. Appreciate the latest update.
  12. A couple of comments: While there is a difference for the A320, I have found that turning the light switch located on the center pedestal at the co-pilot side on one notch helps with the illumination of the main cockpit panel. Also this effect may have also be related to how RealLight is working which has known issues with P3Dv5. I have just installed the latest update made available by TFDI and the previous issues thar were causing CTDs appear to have been resolved. At least on a 4hr flight at the weekend I saw no instability. Note: You do this at your own risk. I dont believe Aerosoft have updated their installers yet to include the latest version of Trueglass and RealLight.
  13. Would be good to have for the latter also if possible. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Is this going to be available for both A32x and A330?
  15. As per Enrique's comments above, I agree. While MSFS has certainly attracted some of the existing, but also a large new base of potential simmers, the remaining Aerosoft customer base on other sim platforms should not be forgotten. Rightly or wrongly, I have the impression at least, that Aerosoft have forgotten about their existing customers to some degree. If Aerosoft are committed to serving all sim platforms as Mathias mentioned above, then I am happy to see Aerosoft being successful in the marketplace. Its expanding so there's room for many players. I can understand and believe Matthias when he states P3D sales have lost ground, but this was expected given the market hype for MSFS, but MSFS for some is just not ready yet. Perhaps in a year or two when the developers have some exciting, ground-breaking products it will be a completely different story. Currently MS are issuing fixes on a more frequent basis than LM , so in some ways its harder for Aerosoft to keep up with this platform as opposed to the evolution of the P3D platform that's now in its 5th generation. Its needs to be balanced. For me, I am perhaps also a single data point, in that I evaluated MSFS and am really excited to see what it can offer and it looks to have lots of potential, but for the more serious sim flying I prefer, I have kept purchasing P3D add-ons throughout the last year. I didnt stop buying add-ons either. The only thing is the majority of products I have been interested in purchasing have been available elsewhere. Perhaps this is where some of the lost sales Matthias has highlighted have come from.
  16. That download is known to have a few missing files. Go back to the Downloads section and follow the suggestion someone else posted in the Comments section.
  17. Hi Dênes, Try these... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRVibeWe91w and this.. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/20393-Painting-FSX-planes Re flipping the image, this is only need if you are converting a .BMP texture file to .DDS (which I do ) In the video the flipping is done by rotating 180 degrees in the photoediting app but you can also flip vertically directly in DXTBMP just as well. Either way will work. Note: the principles apply the same to P3D as they do for FSX. Post back here if you are still having issues. Regards Mark
  18. Hello Denes, I have recently updated the registration in the file AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.psd successfully for one of may installed aircraft. You can find the Airbus paintkit here on the forum. First of all the updated registration should reside in a specific texture layer relevant to the aircraft model (A318,A319, A320 etc) and engine type (CFM, IAE) within your photo editing application. There are various layers available with pre-defined registrations within the paintkit file so you want to ensure that all other registration layers are not visible. 2nd you want to merge all layers in the psd file once the relevant registration is added and shown in the texture sheet. 3rd you will need to convert the .psd file to .dds format using a photo editing application. I am using Corel PSP but there other freeware and payware apps available capable of this Last you will need the flip the texture and any alpha layers. I usually use the freeware tool DXTBMP to do this. I saved the texture as a DXT5 DDS texture with the mipmaps turned off. This resulted in a file size of 4,097KB for the .dds file which I then copy to the texture folder of the aircraft in question. It sounds to me that if you got as far as correctly editing the .psd file, it appears the conversion to .dds format did not go well and/or the flipping of your texture did not occur since I can see some of the panel has portions inverted which indicates you did not flip the entire texture. My guess is you did not merge all layers in the .psd before you converted to .dds format and then flipping it. Hard to say based on a single screenshot. If the above does not help, re-post with the list of steps you took. Someone should be better able to help then. Regards, Mark
  19. Hi James, That livery is working . I just installed it into P3Dv5 and everything appears OK so I fully expect it to work and to display in P3Dv4.5. Your aircraft.cfg entries look OK. Does the livery for the Eurowings D-AIZV also appear in the sim? Please check. 2nd I was a little confused by your comment on the Livery Manager could not find an .exe. The liveries are typically packaged in a zip not an .exe file. The Berlin livery is a zip file containing the texture files. I used the latest Livery Manager to install this repaint: V2.2.0 of the Livery Manager can be found here from this post: I would suggest you install the new Livery Manager and remove the entire [FLTSIM.7] section fort he easyjet livery manually from your aircraft.cfg file and save that file. Make sure there are no other fltsim sections in the .cfg file anywhere else in the file that potentially repeats any of the existing fltsim sections up to [fltsim.6]. You should only have fltsims sections numbered 0 to 6 in sequential order in your .cfg file. Then I would use the newly installed Livery Manager to install the Easyjet Berlin repaint again. All you need to do is run the Livery Manager and click the Install Livery button and navigate to the folder location and the repaint zip file. Make sure the Simulator, Product and Aircraft model are correctly selected before clicking the Install Liveries button. Once the zip is selected, another dialog window will appear. IMPORTANT: Make sure these selections are the same as you selected before. I found the selections previously made were not the same ones that show up in the 2nd dialog window once you select the zip file! Then click OK. Then check in the sim to see if the easyjet repaint has appeared. Note: One other interesting thing I found with the new Livery Manager. Its inserting new [Fltsim.n] sections at the very bottom of the aircraft.cfg file on my system for some strange reason. Never seen that before! Good luck! Regards Mark
  20. Hi, I have also observed this problem with the overly reflective , "milky" textures being seen on the fuselage of some (not all) A320 aircraft in P3Dv5. In my case it was the Lufthansa new livery (D-AIWD) from the Aerosoft liveries forum. From my findings, I discovered that some of this may be related to older repaints/liveries that still contain a MasterSpec texture file. By renaming the file AIRBUS_EX_MASTERSPEC_S.dds to <texture filename> .old was the first modification I made. 2nd I noticed that the texture.cfg in my repaint had 4 entries. I replaced that with a texture.cfg file that has these 2 lines: [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Tex_FB_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Tex_FB_A320 Note: This is somewhat backed up by installing a more recent repaint (Easyjet A320 Berlin livery) that did not include this texture file nor the 4 lines in the texture.cfg and surprisingly this did not exhibit the same milky textures I had seen on the repaint above. These 2 changes appear to have made a positive difference in the appearance of the external textures. I can not guarantee this change will improve other aircraft repaints since many repainters have provided different texture files in their downloads over the course of time, but I can report this worked for me on my specific repaint. I hope this may be of help to some of you. Regards Mark
  21. You can adjust the parking spot defined in the AFCAD and bring it forward nearer to the terminal building by using a tool called Airport Design Editor. It looks to me that with a 747 parking in that position, the nose of the Jumbo should be much further forward and parked in the recess of the buildings that surround it. Again the other solution as described above is to adjust the parking spot size so that 747 AI aircraft are too large to park in that spot. Again ADE can be used to adjust the parking spot size.
  22. Hi Fernando, Re Asiana there is A320 IAE repaint (HL7762) available from the Hangar 226 site if you are interested. Its not Professional but my understanding is it should be compatible with the Pro version. You can Google this to find it and try it out. Regards Mark
  23. Hi, Do you mean this one? What do you mean by "newest"? Regards Mark
  24. Try looking in this thread: Link to forum post I added the xml files for each of the products I was able to find.See if that helps. Regards Mark
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