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  1. Shaun, I'm finding shimmering a problem at Brussels X. I've tried various settings but nothing really helps. I don't find this issue with any other 3rd party airports I own. Chris
  2. UK2000Scenery Belfast is for both FS9 and FSX. Aerosoft may not have a large ROI base, however as someone in the UK, I would also love to see ROI scenery and airports. I like flying from my local airports of Liverpool and Manchester (not to mention any other UK airport) to Cork, Shannon, and Dublin, but it would be good to have good scenery all round. I agree that if more focus was put on ROI the fan base would increase there, and no doubt aerosoft would do a good job. Also consider from a marketing point of view German's, French, Italian's etc may also like to fly to Ireland, just as much as I like to fly and explore their countries.
  3. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the link. I should be ok as I've got the Just Flight/Wilco version that's for Vista. I have user account control disabled, so I don't have it asking my permission every 5 seconds ;o) I've only had chance to try my fix once, so I'll have to see how it goes. I've got more payware aircraft, but those were the 3 I've tried. I think in future it will be best practice to do as you say and load a default ac first. Cheers, Chris
  4. Spent the evening and the early morning (hopefully) sorting this. To cut a long story short: - Wilco A320 flight from Mallorca X to Nice FranceVFR g3d.dll error! Working on the Brussels issue: - default aircraft worked fine - payware aircraft worked fine (for the first time) - payware aircraft with ils tuned = g3d.dll - default aircraft with ils tuned worked fine - the Mallorca to Nice flight used the ils ??? - load default aircraft, followed by payware = no probs with ils tuned (only 1 flight attempted - but first time its worked) Normally if the vis is ok I'll follow VoxATC's vectors and then go visual. However, from my initial Brussels flights I'd tuned the ils as I had done approaching Nice, each time resulting in g3d.dll error. This is perhaps why I hadn't noticed this until now. Especially, until recently I was loading SIDs and STARs into VoxATC, were you would have to save your flight and reload it, best done with a default aircraft. In future I'll try and ensure I load a default aircraft first and see how things go. This g3d.dll error has happened with the Wilco A320 & 737, and also the Captain Sim 757. I'm also wondering if the OOM errors I've been seeing are possibly related to not loading a default aircraft first.
  5. I tried a flight with no traffic around midnight and the same g3d.dll problem still happened. The ACA2005 file wouldn't run as it was looking for fs9 and was having issues with .net framework 3.5. What are the next steps? Chris
  6. Hi, I got MegaAirport Brussels last week V1.01, unfortunately I've not been able to complete a flight into the airport as each time I approach the airport I get a CTD with g3d.dll being the cause. I've disabled the scenery and I'm able to go into the FSX default airport ok. Googling the problem there are reports that it may be related to AES, however I'm not an AES user; could it be the AES Lite at the airport? Is any fix known? Thanks, Chris
  7. Hi Shaun, so far so good . I've tested the areas I've reported and they appear fine. I've also had a general joyride around the airport and haven't had any issues so far. I'll try and get a few flights in at CDG over the next few days. Excellent stuff, Thanks!
  8. Hi, I've been having OOM issues with Vista64 and have narrowed it down to a conflict between UTX Europe and Aerosofts Vfr London X (or vice versa). Both products appear to work fine independantly, however when both are active the OOM occurs. I've narrowed it down to 2 UTX Europe folders in the scenery library. Namely, UTE Ground Polygons and UTE Water. Deactivating both of these folders has solved the issue thus far (fingers crossed). I have also had an OOM approaching Aerosofts MegaAirport Madrid on a previous flight from Frankfurt, so I thought there must be something in common; UTX Europe. I haven't tested Madrid extensively, but I'm hoping the OOMs are related and now resolved. Have any other such conflicts been reported? I'm not sure if the issue lies with Flight1 or Aerosoft, but any help to resolve the conflict properly would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  9. I've found this too, particulary with MA Frankfurt. I find having the 2 afcad files confuses VoxATC which I use to generate traffic; its taxi guidance is off with the BR2 file installed.
  10. I unistalled CDG and noted the differences in files, and then added the update. LFPG_ADE_RS.BGL wasn't to be found Oops! (I must have added it) Just the air france concorde now, but still the annoying collisions!
  11. Aside from the scenery collison issues at this airport I have also noticed that there are 2 Concorde's on display. There is an AF merged with a BA Concorde, thought it was artistic at first, but I don't think it's right. I got the boxed version in May 09 V1.0 and updated to V1.1 immediately. I'm wondering if there is some issue with the update? I've noticed I have 2 afcads; LFPG_ADE_RS.BGL (15/12/2008) and AFX_LFPG_simwings_custom.BGL (04/02/2009). When I remove the first afcad the BA Concorde is gone, so I take it this is the correct afcad? With either or both I still get scenery collisons? I'm also wondering if this has only occured since V1.1?
  12. I've found that with a clocked i7 that stutters can occur if the voltage isn't high enough, even if you're stable. If you can, without your temps or voltage getting too high, try increasing the voltage and note the effect. It worked for me.
  13. That's ok, I should have been more specific, the LuklaX_LC doesn't contain textures. Are you using FSX SP2? Other than that I can only suggest that you uninstall Lukla X and then try to install again.
  14. Hi Shaun, Could you please confirm that the developers are aware of these issues and that a fix is being worked on? Thanks, Chris
  15. Could you check that Lukla X has installed to the following directory I:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Lukla - Mount Everest X or the equivalent on your drive where you have FSX installed. You should find 2 folders LuklaX and LuklaX_LC, ensure they both contain scenery and texture folders. When you checked in the Scenery Options did you have 2 lines for Lukla X. Namely Lukla X - Mount Everest and Lukla X - Mount Everest_LC? Ensure you move them near the top of the list in case any other addon you have is conflicting.
  16. I just type Lukla into Airport name. There are 2 options, one says Lukla (Addon) and the ID is VNL2. Should be as simple as that. Hope that helps.
  17. Hi, I have also found issues with crashes with this scenery. Upon loading at gate T4 or T3 I get an instant crash with a 757. I have also found a crash on the junction of TWY A and NA1/NA2. I'm on the latest version. Hopefully these issues can be sorted soon as it's a great scenery!
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