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  1. Nice job! Well done just like the Drukair for the A320. Much appreciated.
  2. This is the only livery I could ever ask for! Thanks a million! This is a life saver!
  3. True enough, but by the time these monitors are affordable people will respond with "2D panel? What's a 2D panel?" Thaellar
  4. I completely agree. Online/subscription requirement will instantly remove a good percentage of your potential customers. Thaellar
  5. I would like to see this project emerge as not simply a flight simulator, but a WORLD simulator containing accurate world geography (roads, rails, docks,etc) so that not just FS developers but other simulator teams can add content related to Farmsim, Trainsim, Shipsim, BusSim, etc. The longevity and myriad of potential addons would be mind-boggling. Just provide a mechanism for them to add the content right on top of your world. Thaellar
  6. Hmmm...makes me think potential default A/C for the new sim. Thaellar
  7. Probably already suggested but: Saving cockpit layouts. I open some popup panels in my Twin Otter, move them around and resize them. Now I select "save layout" and save it a Twotter01 or Twin Otter Approach, etc. That way I can have saved layouts for all my different aircraft and call them up without having to recreate them all the time. Thaellar
  8. Please DO NOT have photorealistic scenery as a default. At low altitude the scenery becomes a flat, ugly, blurry mess.
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