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  1. I can only support that due to the engine position, and its horizontal approach attitude, pulling back the engine to idle plus ground effect nearly makes a perfect flare with very minimal corrections on the yoke. Never pull reverse prior front wheel is on ground.
  2. You can go to what the flight director indicates in TO mode.
  3. Correction: For the -700 the empty CoG is 35 % and when loaded the maximum rear is 33%.
  4. We will be working on this in conjunction with the development of the -900 version. It is a very time consuming process and needs a stable environment.
  5. Maybe the parking brake ON or the wheel chocks not removed???
  6. The info on your problem is in the FAQ section. Suggest to download the update released today as factors that caused such behavior have been addressed by Microsoft and the developers.
  7. We are using calculated N1 data changes when you switch on AI on in the steps of Cowling only or Cowling and Wing AI together. You se the drop when you fly in CLB dent. The impact is significant in real life and in the sim. With SU4 to be released to day, Asobo has changed the weather engine's icing calculations and effect on aircraft. So we should be in good shape now, yet needs to be tested.
  8. ...all the way to the left and nose up tendency do not correspond at all, the effect would be the opposite. I see funny changes on the slider position from time to time without any reasons lately. So I can only recommend to check things prior take-off so that the EFB and the UI are in line. And do not use ESC during flight.
  9. The icing issue will be addressed by asobo in SU4. The current lever limitation will be solved with the upcoming update of the CRJ.
  10. The flare behavior of the CRJ is probably different from what you are used to. Reduce the engine power on time to fly over the threshold with Vref as calculated by the EFB. Trim to fly with neutral yoke and do not use reverse until the front gear is on ground.
  11. In the current version of MSFS using ESC does deploy the spoiler function. Also make sure you are not having assigned the spoiler axis to any lever.
  12. Please check out the FAQ section with many hints on erratic behaviour.
  13. It is located behind/above the copilot seat.
  14. In the FAQ section of the forum you may find explanations to multiple causes for not performing correctly.
  15. Please check the various FAQ postings dealing with non normal behaviour.
  16. Nobody considers the user as the problem, but user experience is vastly different and that's why over time the FAQ have been added based on issues occurred. The icing issue root cause lies in the modeling of icing situation occurring and when it does on how it affects the plane's performance. Icing will be redesigned by Asobo and by then it should be fine for all aircraft including using anti-ice properly by the pilots.
  17. This may come from wind from the left. The transition from ground roll to high speed before take-off has some glitches there, but that is up to Asobo to fix. Another reason may be a slight misalignment of rudder controler.
  18. As developer I suggest to start with the default sensitivity values of -30%. I'm using YOKO+ and it feels good from roll and pitch rate and sensitivity around neutral.
  19. Icing may be one thing, having WAI on is another reason and lately any pausing via ESC deploys the spoiler invisibly. Jut hit / to see if it helps.
  20. Vref is defined by 1.3 x Vs at a given weight and configuration. So if you have Vs of 100 and a Vref of 130 it will continue to fly 24 knots below with a high AoA and if you are on GS with 3 degree, 5 degree pitch would be 8 degree AoA. Still flying but not advised at all.
  21. Suggest to read the FAQ topics i put there on unexpected flight behavior.
  22. It is the only explanation we have. Normally up there should be no ice and switching WAI on reduces engine power significantly, so adds to the incapability of flying.
  23. Yes, hitting ESC may fully extend the ground spoiler which is significantly dropping lift and increasing drag. Something beyond our control.
  24. There is a FAQ subject by my on correct use and flying climbs. On your first image I can see that your flight situation is abnormal - too high pitch, probably no flaps at that speed and that at 9000 ft. Suggest to train climbing with clear weather following the steps described. Key items: After rotation and gear up keep 10-15 degree pitch to continuously accelerate to bring in Flaps 8 at 180 and Flaps1 at 210. If you fly stable, meaning no input is needed, the press speed and confirm stability of flight at 210. Increase SPD to 250 and observe proper reaction of acceleration. Passing FL100, increase SPD to to 290 and check again proper transition. Use of WAI only when the ICE warning comes on. If it happens at high altitudes FL250+ The weather is giving wrong information. Check your outside temp. Assure that you speed does not trop below 250.
  25. The normal bank angle is 30 degrees with a limit of 31.5 degrees for corrections. You should never see more bank when flown under AP control.
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