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  1. Thank you for the hints. I did not think of a fix st ORBX as the texture files only appeared when LSZH is active. I will have a look. All LSZH files at EULC are set to OFF and the airport is above.
  2. Hi, have flown to LSZH after a long time and found funny textures on the approach. This is with ORBX EU LC. The surroundings of the airport seem to change with a local LC file with a strange texture as seen on on the screenshots. Anyone has an idea what might be wrong here? Or a cure to fix it? Thanks!
  3. The wheel angle is currently defined by +/-75 degrees. This is required to achieve the turn radius as per aircraft manual.
  4. EFB should be very similar (just rounding errors) to the data in P3D. So best to plan with those figures and EFB gives the correct speeds.
  5. Sorry I was assuming that you use the Pro version. No the Pro requires P3Dv4.5 with hot fix2.
  6. Gero, you need to save a flight with the data in the EFB matching proper loading, or when you load the aircraft from the menu, just reduce the total fuel in the EFB and transfer data to aircraft and you should be fine too. The Tanks volume is the critical one as said in the explanations. They cannot be filed like on the -700, unless you make a ferry flight with no pax on board.
  7. Well, it saves the flight plan and the PERF INI is something different for any flight. If you want to keep that than just save the flight situation and the plane will be reloaded with the same load and the only thing you need to do then is to copy the data to the PERF INI page via the EFB.
  8. I think you have totally overloaded the plane. Have a look on page 1-1-7 of the Vol1_AOM_part1.pdf SPECIAL NOTICE ON CRJ-550 USE AND LIMITATIONS
  9. With the latest version the crashes with the navigraph should be resolved:
  10. Hi, the latest version 1012 is a great improvement over previous ones. The mesh and ground picture enhancement make it much more realistic on approach. Yet I must say that the landscape around the VOR is a bit less hilly towards the highway intersection. Two things should be considered for another update: 1. The grass runway is closed and therefore no PAPI lights are available there anymore 2. Many buildings have a strong blueish touch, while in reality most are typical concrete light grey, except those with gold tinted glass. The tower has a tinted brown glass facade. It turns blue only when you look from ground level upward and you see the reflection of the blue sky on it. So it is a bit a chameleon, but brown is more typical...
  11. For sure it was that assignment. Trim is used by the AP to control VS and your trim axis position would work against it. just define two buttons for trim up and down and you will have great manual control.
  12. Yes you can: On the aircraft tab in the EFB, at the right bottom the default state is shown. With a click on this field you can change that default state.
  13. I do not use the option with reversers, so I cannot comment on that. I think an issue my come from that the PFC throttles are not using the whole range of what FS expects. On the other hand you cannot resolve this as the CRJ does not allow dalibration. My solution is that I use a separate axis for the reverser wich just sends a couple of F2 commands when pulled backward simulating a reverser lever movement. I have experienced in the past the same issues that sometimes the FSUIPC gets erratic and only deleting the ini helps. But I have copied in the other profiles from a backup and just assured that the axis names and devices are still the same.
  14. FSUIPC offeres different ways: Direct - with calibration - with calibration and with reverser range. I'm using direct for the CRJ and have the reverser on a seperate lever. From your profile I see you are using DIRECT, so it should work. if you use in the EFB the equivalent setting.
  15. Salut Pierre, In my case the throttles are in Shut Off position. I can change the aircraft state in EFB and the positions are correct for each state. I have the the same PFC 2 Jet quadrant. I have made a separate profile in FSUIPC for The CRJ so that other functions are also assigned properly like the GA button to obtain TO TO prior taking off. If you have an overlap of multiple controllers on the same axis, i. e. Throttle, they will influence eachother. Be aware that in the EFB you need to set under option and page 2 the correct selection of Throttle Axis Value Range, depending what setup you have chosen in FSUIPC. Whenever you want to switch from Idle to Shot off and back to Idle you need to press the red lever and then move the throttle with a click.
  16. I'm using PFC trottle quadrant too. Just make sure you use direct mode and no calibration. In the FSUIPC.ini it should read like this: 5=2R,256,D,10,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Throttle2 }- 6=2V,256,D,9,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Throttle1 }- The "5=2R" and "6=2V" will be different as these are the hardware/axis identifiers.
  17. We are revisiting max bank angles and roll speeds in all lateral modes and once cleared we will make it available via an update. But this will take still a while.
  18. I understand that when you always start from cold and dark it takes a while until you get airborne. But except for the first flight in the morning, the preparation work during a turn around is significantly shorter, also in comparison to larger aircraft. The CRJ is designed as regional jet and has a couple of automatic flows. May I suggest to use the provided aircraft states under options in the EFB to eliminate the many steps only required after an over night stop.
  19. Many have not found that in the EFB OPTION page, there is an option to switch them on or off. Was meant to improve a bit the FPS on older CPUs
  20. We have revised the TO TO FD positions depending on aircraft type. Will come with an update. Changing to Speed mode can be done once you have a stable speed after rotation and gear is up.
  21. It would be nice to activate a signature in your posting.
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