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  1. I have no knowledge of engineering or aircraft design, but I am puzzled that an aircraft of this generation does not have this automation. There is a reason perhaps behind this design choice from Bombardier. In fact the whole automation seems a little quirky to me.
  2. I did one quick circuit after the new update and I feel the pitch behavior at low speeds during final is much better now. Handling seems much more composed on both axis. Now I need to adapt to the automation of this machine with what seems to me a quirky autopilot usability (by design in real life) compared to the Airbuses and such Thanks Michel
  3. I noticed with the latest update of MSFS some extra drag in most of the aircraft that is also pronounced in the CRJ in landing configs. I wonder if this was the reverse effect of the patch that was meant to fix the extra lift in the flaps. Perhaps this could also be mentioned to Asobo as it's affecting this addon unfortunately. Thanks
  4. I forgot if all the default MSFS aircraft had this pitch instability at low speed, but the Freeware Mods I use for some of the default aircraft seem to be Ok, probably the Mod Devs found a workaround for this.
  5. Hello, I use the Modern flight model. I just took a look to be sure.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I understand what you are mentioning but perhaps I did not explain it correctly in my initial post. Yes low speeds require significant inputs for fine corrections. Here I experienced something different. Maybe I need to tweak the sensitivity of the controllers but what I meant is that the aircraft becomes unstable with difficult to control oscillating movements on the last phases of landing and initial phase of rotation and takeoff and this happens with the smallest touch on the controls. In fact, the feeling I got seems to me similar to the MSFS FBW A320 during one of the previous updates/versions, where instability and oscillation happened during the transitions between the direct and normal laws (takoff / landing). Here we don't have a FBW system but I had the feeling it's a similar thing that is happening. Thanks
  7. Hello, The first thing I do when I get a new aircraft is a full manual flight with stick and rudder only. I noticed that the pitch on takeoff and landing become more elastic with some considerable inertia but it stabilizes somehow with higher speeds. Trimming is also difficult to get right using my joystick buttons. Any idea about this? Thanks
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