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  1. Romania please: Targa Mures (LRTM), Timisoara (LRTR), Cluj (LRCL), Sibiu (LRSB), Arad (LRAR). India: Varanasi (VEBN - the pilgrimage capital of India on the banks of the R. Ganges), Kolkata (VECC), Lucknow (VILK - is the largest airport in N. India after New Delhi), Trivandrum (VOTV) Sri Lanka (Ceylon): Colombo (VCBI) - very popular business and holiday destination. John
  2. I'm an FS9 user too and very disappointed that this update is only for FSX. I too have recently invested heavily in FS9 software for sceneries and aircraft (including Aerosoft's Nice X - this name suggests FSX only but in fact it works equally well in FS9). I can't wait for X-plane 10 - it will blow the socks off FSX. In the meantime, Aerosoft, the FS9 market is alive and kicking
  3. I'm running FS2004 in XP Pro in a high-ish spec system including Q9650 3.00GHz and GTX260 896MB. The landing is fine. Trouble starts when turning off the runway - I get massive bleed through and flickering. I'd be glad of advice to get rid of this as it spoils a superb scenery. Thanks John
  4. I googled FS Flight Keeper this morning. The address: http://www.flightkeeper.net took me to some German site, not FS Flight Keeper. The link worked fine yesterday. The address was changed to: http://www.flightkee...common/auth.asp
  5. I have some experience with FSMap. It is payware and comes loaded only with VFR charts of Germany, Austria, Benelux, and Switzerland. As fas as I can see, there have been no chart updates. If you want charts for other areas there is a system for loading these from your own scanned maps/charts or possibly from online digitised versions of these - if you can source them. I do not know if Google maps can be integrated with FSMap. If you plan to add charts you will need to know the type of projection used (e.g. Lambert Conic) and you will have to take care with graphics size (max 5.000 x 5.000 pixels) so that the images of each map 'tile' will fit in the map 'gauge'. I was unable to understand how the graphics files are calibrated for added charts. The instructions for installation and use could be clearer, and as you can infer from my comments, they are somewhat technical. My guess is that most users will find them difficult or impossible to follow. If you fly VFR in the above countries, and can get FSMap to install and run successfully, it has some features which will enhance the flight simulation experience. John
  6. Thanks for checking. It is personal preference as you say. It might also be my monitor - I've discovered that it self-adjusts screen brightness according to the lighting conditions in the room. Thankfully I can disable this. I run FS9. My AI aircraft are a mixture of EvolveAI, Aardvark, PAI and Fruitstand aircraft from way back. I have a few oddball types e.g. Charles Dayhuff Malév CRJs and many sea planes from the WW2 era and before. The Malév aircraft are mostly Aardvark types. In the past my flight plans were from MRAI, PAI, and enthusiasts on AVSIM. I made some myself e.g. Flybe (UK). Now I use WOAI flight plans for commercial traffic and update as often as time allows. Thomas Molitor's AITM program is old now but indispensable for merging flight plans and aircraft. Sadly there is no FSX version so far.
  7. Hello Shaun, sorry for the delay with these photos. Runway photo shows feeble lights Taxiway leading on to runway 13R also with feeble lights Ramp photo shows lights on buildings and some floodlights cover on ramp area Gate 63 photo shows planes with logo lights but no ramp/taxiway lighting. Maybe it is my imagination that these are faint but they are fainter than the default FS9 airports. I did meddle a bit with the halo.bmp at one stage before I installed the Aerosoft LHBP. scenery. These photos were taken with the original halo.bmp re-installed. Thanks John
  8. Thanks. Am away at present. Will post at the weekend. John
  9. I like the FS2004 Ferihegy scenery very much - with AES it is simply amazing. However, I find the night lighting to be very poor. The runways are dimly lit as though by candles - very atmospheric, but no use in Cat3 conditions . The lights on the taxiways are dim to the point of being invisible. And whilst there are ramp lights on poles, the ramps are not lit. When I landed there last night it was as though the place was closed. I have to admit that I did some tweaking with the halo.bmp file to try to improve the default airfield lighting elsewhere. This was a partial success but I eventually replaced my home-made halo.bmp file with the original. All my default airports are back to the original lighting. Any help will be gratefully received. John
  10. Thanks for the reply. No, it was not part of the France 2 product. The problem arose because, somehow, I managed to do a double install. The scenery then appeared twice on the Scenery Library list. Toulouse worked fine after I removed one of these. The only possible explanation is that I added some parking spots using AFCAD to improve AI GA etc. There are huge apron areas on the east side of the airport with just one or two parking spots! Anyway, I deleted the afcad file I created, so maybe that was a factor too.
  11. I bought Toulouse from Simware a few days ago. I cannot get it to display correctly. I have searched for duplicate AFCAD files for LFBO but cannot find any. I'd be grateful for advice.
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