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  1. Cris, Simflyers.net had Atlanta, JFK and O'Hare. I say had because their website says they are no longer for sale. Other cities are still for sale. I don't know if anything is still happening with Simflyers since I haven't seen any news in quite a while from them. I don't remember if anyone has done Pittsburgh or not.
  2. In the latest James Bond film, Casino Royale, Bond flies into the Bahamas in a float Twotter. Nice shot of it landing in the harbour amidst the water-skiiers and expensive yachts and then unloading on the tarmac. After seeing that I would love to have it in a float version also.
  3. I would appreciate an invite as wel if there are any left. Joost looks pretty interesting.
  4. Can anyone give an opinion on ASX running on FSX yet? I've yet to try any weather add-ons and with FSX Perfomance as it is, I was wondering if it's time to try ASX.
  5. I love that picture. So who does the pushback on that 707, his wife Kelly?
  6. hmmm....19' takeoff roll... I could takeoff from my driveway and clear the house across the street. I wonder what the distance is to land the plane. Just think of the possibilities... :shock:
  7. I'm sorry to say and I do not mean this as an insult, that doesn't make you wicked it only makes you a normal, average flight simmer. :wink:
  8. SkyMaster


    I'll go along with the 180/185 in taildragger and float plane configurations. I'm not sure Aerosoft would go and do the 336/337 Skymaster as FSD-International just released the FSX version of the 337D & 337H as well as the O-2A military version. Obviously I have both and they fly as well as can be expected on my modest FSX setups.
  9. Aren't you asking this on the wrong company's forum? :wink: Sort of like asking on a Boeing forum if anyone's heard of a 747.
  10. All I see are post cards. Where are the shots of the scenery? :shock: Amazing!!!
  11. Here's a link to some wartime shots. There may be other shots elsewhere on this site as well. http://www.daveswarbirds.com/blackcat/photo4.htm Some more: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/AWA1...PBY/walk291.htm
  12. All links are up now. My boss left at lunchtime :wink:
  13. For those who were wondering, I used the Europe / English link and purchased it without problems. After logging into My Account it adjusted the price without the VAT for USA. Now if I can just sneak out of work a little early... :wink:
  14. Link not available for USA and Canada shoppers quite yet. Hopefully very soon.
  15. Same problem here. Went to the Load Editor and restarted FSX. NOt flying an invisible plane now and boy does it look nice.
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