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  1. 394 downloads

    Quick repaint of the F-16C, decipting the enemy Strigon team from Ace Combat 6.
  2. When I first started flying this plane, I noticed the rate of pitch was greatly hindered by the G limiter. You know, the software that prevents the pilot from pulling too many Gs? I have read in places that this limiter can be turned off, increasing the aircraft's maneuverability. I can't find any instructions for this on Google, so I would like to know. How is it done, if it's even possible?
  3. 349 downloads

    A repaint of the F-16C, depicting Garuda 1, the protagonist in Namco's "Ace Combat 6"
  4. I made a tribute video for the Acceleration F/A-18 Hornet. Took about a week to make, and was a challenge, as I tried to completely avoid default Spot view. Enjoy!
  5. I apologize if there's already a scenery request thread, I can't find one anywhere. I'm a Bostonian, and I would love to see Logan Int. scenery for FSX. Flytampa has freeware Boston scneery, but it's FS2004 only. I understand you have your hands full with many other projects, but I was thinking it might be a good idea for scenery?
  6. I want to change Air Force One in the escort mission from the included 747-400 repaint to an AF1 repaint I have for a payware 747-200, but I can't find where in the mission folder the file that keeps this information is. Could one of you help me?
  7. I can land the Falcon on a carrier, it's fun.
  8. I'm allowed to post non FS films here, right? Anyway, this is a movie I made in the Freeware space simulator "Orbiter", with the Shuttle enhancement "Space Shuttle Ultra". It took me about 3/4th of a week to make.
  9. -Custom content downloader for multiplayer. Like in Source games. Basically, if it detects someone else on the server is using 3rd party software the user doesn't have, it will automatically temporarially download it for the session. This means, no more seeing someone in a 3rd party F-22 flying a Cessna 172. -Walk feature for the VC. This would make exploring Virtual Cabins much more fun! -Dust kickup/water spray effect. If you fly low enough, you either kick up a lot of dust on the ground below you, or create a trail of water spray behind you. Just think how hardcore that would look!
  10. Neat little fighter jet from a game called Ace Combat 6. Anyone want to try and make one, or is there one already out there. Someone has made an X-02 for FSX already (albeit not very good).
  11. Here's an idea for a repaint once this thing gets released. The Channel 5 news chopper from Left 4 Dead!
  12. I have done all 3 of these things, but I still can't refuel. I can keep steady enough, because I see the red DISC right of the HUD disappear, but the blue text never appears.
  13. I am making a movie using various simulators, and one of them includes a shuttle landing sequence in Cape Canaveral. I am thinking of buying your scenery for this, but I want to know if there is a way to remove the static shuttle parked near the runway.
  14. I was trying out my new F-16, tagging along a 757 from TrafficX. I was enjoying how much easier it was to keep in control for formation flight than it was with the default F-18. ANyway, I open the fuel hatch, move underneith the plane, and I notice something to the right of the HUD. There are 3 boxes. One box, on the top, says the word "Rdy" in blue. The second one, in the middle, is blank, The third one, on the bottom, says "Disc" in red. What I noticed was that while I was underneith the 757, the red Disc dissappeared, and blue text (I can't remember what it said) filled in the middle box. I looked at my Shift+Z information, and my fuel shot up from 44% to 66% just like that! I was so excited that I accidentally disconnected, and was so worked up I couldn't get it steady enough to reconnect But the important thing is that I DID it.
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