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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Latest aircraft arriving Vueling and a great logojet!
  2. Hi Oliver, I was testing a bit the impressive new version and i confirm i have 2 stairs on my MD80. When just installed 2.20 and launched FSX worked perfect, with my catering door, and just 1 stair. I though in the new version i could make a second stair door on the left back side of the plane, but without catering vehicle. When edited the airplane and added the new door, the second stair was in a place next to the first door, not in the back side of the airplane. And i can't de-select the catering vehicle on that door. I tried to de-select the new stair, but it doesn't work. The
  3. Sorry, i have seen on the AES forum section, the next AES update (2.09) will include the FSX Barcelona!
  4. Yesterday i had the same problem in EDDF with Maddog on the 116 parking spot. I tried with Madrid and then worked. Of course, i did the F8 command.... Miguel
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