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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Latest aircraft arriving Vueling and a great logojet!
  2. Hi Oliver, I was testing a bit the impressive new version and i confirm i have 2 stairs on my MD80. When just installed 2.20 and launched FSX worked perfect, with my catering door, and just 1 stair. I though in the new version i could make a second stair door on the left back side of the plane, but without catering vehicle. When edited the airplane and added the new door, the second stair was in a place next to the first door, not in the back side of the airplane. And i can't de-select the catering vehicle on that door. I tried to de-select the new stair, but it doesn't work. The second stair is always in the same place... Another weird and funny thing is that the cleaning vehicle open doors on arrival, but, it doesn't close doors when departing! The new vehicles are stunning, Congrats Oliver, great work!
  3. Sorry, i have seen on the AES forum section, the next AES update (2.09) will include the FSX Barcelona!
  4. Wow, i can't find on last AES version too!
  5. Yesterday i had the same problem in EDDF with Maddog on the 116 parking spot. I tried with Madrid and then worked. Of course, i did the F8 command.... Miguel
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