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  1. Hello, maybe it was posted before I could not find anything... when ever I Validate a flight (with or with out errors) even in the USA I always get what look like HTML warnings any solution for it? Thanks, Bar
  2. yes i did used F8 before pushback, i will just for answer, have a plesent dreams
  3. i had a strange problem that when i wanted to push back its was all ok, when i heard to release parking brake i did it and than AES made the P/B effect like the sound and the man walking but the plane stand still and the P/B effects never stop
  4. in LLBG some parking in Appron V (the milatry appron) have push in becuase 707 is park there in real life and they cant menuver
  5. can you make all the AES cars texture like an aircraft i mean there will be an CFG file for the airpots and people can make cars skins and put it in a folder like texture.llbg (for exmple) and than change the CFG for LLBG to this folder and there will be ElAl Cars what do you think?
  6. look here http://www.vatil.org/vatil/board/viewtopic...asc&start=0
  7. i have to see a jet way connected to the aircraft and a other thing i am GND ATC in VATSIM and somtimes we give pilots to pushback to a bit far release point, AES will give them Relese point options?
  8. well i cant send PM so sorry for the spam, is there any way soon you will give us some photos from LLBG AES :?: thanks in advance, Bar
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