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  1. Thanks for all your help Marcus. See you in the sky. Ciao, Arthur
  2. it´s worth indeed to read this review. Thanks for the link.
  3. Thanks a lot for the link and the book title. I will find out if I can found that book overhere in the Netherlands. I found 1 store but it is rather expensive... about 60 Euro.... Regards, Arthur By the way, isn´t it a good idea to put a copy of that book as a supplement in this forum? (that pdf file from your link) Regards, Arthur
  4. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate that. Yes I know the start-up procedure is very simple. Yesterday evening I did a test. For about 15 times I tried a startup procedure. About 4 times I had success. Exactly the steps you described I did. Even with restarting fsx I didn´t had success every time. For me it is very strange that I only had 4 times success with starting up this plane. Maybe I found a small bug? Maybe it is a combination with FSUIPC (registered version) or other modules I have installed in FSX? (I bought recently Discus from Aerosoft and installed WinchX and CummulusX (applications for this glider)) I also use a force feedback joystick from Microsoft and the fighter throttle from CH-products) and tried almost every combination of this configuration. I tried to use this hardware with FSUIPC and with the FSX own control settings tab but that didn´t make any difference. I only mentioned one strange thing. When I reset the F-16 with the left picture, not all the buttons are going back to the cold and dark position. Especially the JFS starter will stay in the "on" position. I can´t even move this switch by my mouse..... Maybe I will make a youtube movie of the problem. I will find out how to do that. Nevertheless, this plane is a joy to fly. I can even land this plane without using a ils. Regards, Arthur
  5. Yes I did everthing you discribed. Did you try the cold and dark start? (shift F2 and then left picture?) The sound of the engine increase till 22 % The needle stays there but the sound start over and over again. The rpm of the engine doesn't go higher even if I touch the Cut off switch with my pinkie. Maybe I don't understand "Toggle idle detent" I guess the throttle goes there iff you touch the Cut off switch if you touch it with your pinkie? Hmm, I'm starting to get desperate Somebody any suggestions? Regards, Arthur
  6. It seems I have a problem I followed several tutorials for starting up this plane from cold dark. The problem is the engine hangs on the 20 % it won't go higher in the rpm. At the right side behind the stick I see 1 warning light "elek-sys". That seems right because I can't switch on the MFD's and HUD I tried everything, also with the battery switch but I can't this plane getting flying. I hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance. Regards, Arthur
  7. Hi to all, I just installed the 3D shockwave lights. Now aerosoft added the desired lines in the aircraft.cfg in one of the updates. I guess I have to enable the shockwave light lines and disable the others lines in the aircraft.cfg. But according to the manual I have to add this line in the panal.cfg: gaugeXX=shockwave_lights!SW Lights,1,1,1,1 //shockwave light [VCockpit01] or do I have to use this one? : gaugeXX=shockwave_lights!SW Lights_gear,1,1,1,1 //shockwave light Aerosoft didn't put this line in the panel.cfg Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, Arthur
  8. What a nice mission Unfortunaly it was for me a bit to much as n00b. I didn't have enough height after Dahlemer-binz and landed on a field I waited a few hours for the Aerosoft resque team but they couldn't find me. By the way it is very, very nice if you bought the addon Germany VFR West. It is almost real wen you are flying around. I hope Aerosoft will produce some "flugplatz" scenery for Dahlemer-binz because I visit this place quite often during my holliday last summer I hope the soaring-cracks here wil make some missions for learning the C4. I like the standard tutorial missions in FSX. They are a good start to understand more about soaring. Well, thank you anyway for this mission B21 regards, Arthur
  9. I've seen those but it isn't there
  10. Hi to everyone, What are the users experiences with REX2 and Cumulus! Does it give any conflicts? Arthur
  11. Hi to everyone, last summer I had a very nice holiday in the neighbourhood of this small airfield. So, I bought VFR Germany West in the hope to have some scenery of this airfield. Well, that was a little disappointing. There were no buildings at all I was wondering if Aerosoft has a product with some scenery with Dahlemer Binz for fsx. As a n00B discus glider pilot I should really appreciate that. Regards, Arthur
  12. On the matter of the trim lever, if you have FSUIPC(4) then do as I do and select "use mouse wheel as trim" option. Works a treat for me. Thanks for sharing this tip Regards, Arthur
  13. Thanks a lot B21 for providing this manual . There is quite some information about the C4 but for me as beginner/n00b it is still hard to understand this masterpiece. Isn't it a good idea to make a complete step by step manual with some examples as a pdf? (I'm even willing to pay for such a manual) anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Regards, Arthur
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