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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Aerosoft A333 professional Bulgaria Air Fictional LZ-AAR Repaint by dsolesvik. Please post any feedback and/or bugs and errors with the livery via PM, Discord (dsolesvik#6490) or via e-mail: Thanks! Known Issues - these will be addressed in the upcoming few weeks. - The EU flag is missing from the back section, near the elevators - The Bulgarian Flag doesn't stretch all the way from the tailfin to the fuselage, instead, it stays on the tailfin only.
  2. I've received your request. I currently have a few other requests but I'll work on yours once I get those other ones done!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Aerosoft A333 professional TAROM Fictional A330 YR-NAC Repaint by dsolesvik. Please post any feedback and/or bugs and errors with the livery via PM, Discord (dsolesvik#6490) or via e-mail: Thanks! Enjoy!
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Aerosoft A330-300 Northwest Airlines N808NW Livery Repaint by dsolesvik As always, please post any feedback and/or bugs and errors with the livery via DM or via e-mail: Thanks!
  5. Another solution would be to use trial and error and move it every time then preview it with the Dynamic Reflection Maker by TomatoShade. That works decently fine by me and although it takes a small amount of time to export it every time, I got used to it now.
  6. Hi all, This video by Kotori_Texture should help you guys out a lot, it sure helped me. You will see that the blue and white part is the whole tail but what you wanna do is first of all paste the tail logo and then split it in two normally where the blue part is the border and then paste the right (blue side) into another layer. Then, with the help of the UV, provided in the paintkit by Aerosoft, you need to slightly move the right side more to the right, there should be a line. This seems like a really really bad explanation from me and from what I understand (not so much of a PS pro) and I guess there isn't much of a way to explain this all. Attached is the video by Kotori_Texture, hopefully you guys can somehow figure it out (I did, so thanks a lot to Kotori!) Regards, Dave bandicam 2019-12-13 00-37-54-557.mp4
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I will update the engine colour in 1.2 which will be released tomorrow, I'll keep you updated. In terms of the huge SAS-logo, I agree with you on that one as well. I initially made it brighter but thought it was too bright. Now, seeing at it, I realise you're right. That will also be fixed in 1.2!
  8. Hi, sorry, didn't quite understand the concept, please can you explain via video and send it to Much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Small request to mods to move this post to the Aerosoft A330 Professional Repaints section please: Thanks a lot!
  10. Version 1.3


    SAS Scandinavian Airlines Aerosoft Airbus A330-300 RR LN-RKN (Erik Viking) SAS New Colours Repaint by dsolesvik. Please post any feedback and/or bugs and errors with the livery in this post. UPDATES: v1.1 - Added cockpit registration and selcal codes which were not set in 1.0. v1.2 - Fixed the wrong wingtips appearing on the wing when inside the cockpit - Made the big SAS logo brighter - Added the silver colour onto the engines - Flipped the front right flags stripe so that Denmark appears first, like it does IRL. v1.3 - Made the engine "Scandinavian" text a darker grey colour - Fixed and aligned the tailfin blue colour with the fuselage tail blue so that they are synced and aligned perfectly Known Issues to be addressed in future versions - Slats (front flaps) need to be metalic silver - The shades of the big SAS logo need to be changed to lighter grey in the middle to simulate reflections. Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it and if you have any more feedback, PLEASE let me know via PM, Discord (dsolesvik#6490) or via e-mail: Thanks!
  11. WIP, will be released either today or tomorrow, I'll let you know!
  12. Hey all, In the A330 paintkit, I see the tailfin is split and a part has to be moved a bit up. I believe this is due to the rudder and I fully understand this concept, however, this makes it hard to add new livery (for example, I cannot add the SAS logo on the tail). Do you guys know any good solution to get this perfectly aligned? Thanks!
  13. Some more SAS A330s please? Only currently see 1 available. Maybe LN-RKH, LN-RKM, LN-RKN or LN-RKO as well please? If it's a choice between the 4, I'd like -RKN most please. I really appreciate the effort you guys go on these repaints and I'll see if I can do some repaints myself! Thanks a lot
  14. Thanks a lot for the help, I'll see what I can do Yeah, still the same. It's probably an FPS issue, so I'll focus on that.
  15. My frames are OK, can't give an exact number, my PC specs; i7, AMD R9 370X, however, it is bootcamped (installed Windows on Mac) so it runs a bit worse. Still, performance is good with all other aircraft, around 30FPS or so... (even when at airports with scenery). With Aerosoft, I can say that the frames go down slightly, but not as much. It is still fliable (except for the aileron issue). I was testing recently and saw that this only really happens right after I move my joystick and I tried during P/S and saw on the ECAM that the ailerons move left-right only after I move my joystick. This does also occur on default airports and I do not see a big difference in performance between default and paid scenery.
  16. I've got a bug with the Aerosoft A320 family (literally all types), where, the ailerons move left and right all the time even when I'm not moving my joystick. It is a bit as if I was moving it left-right-left-right all the time. It causes a lot of crashes because even when AP is on, it still does it and it disconnects the autopilot and the story goes on. It is actually unfliable. It's not lag or any controls issue because all other aircraft work just fine. It worked fine before I moved on from FSX to P3Dv4. Please can I get some help? This has been an issue on all A318-A321.
  17. Hi there, Urgent Request Vueling A319 for the new Aerosoft A319 professional. I am supposed to be flying for a group flight tour tomorrow in the A319 but can't find any livery. Thanks. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content instead, as stated clearly in the first post on every page of this topic.
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