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  1. "Calibrate your CH TQ through the CH Manager and assign the throttle via P3D menu instead fsuipc. I have the AS320 in P3D v3.2.5 with CH Throttle Quadrant configured as said above with no issues at all. Hope it helps." Copy the text above and search on the Net by pasting it and I think You can find a solution out there...:))
  2. Have You checked that Throttle on Piedestal moves to TOGA when You make go-around...... I found This "Please check the following: - Your Airbus Configurator: if you have 1 or 2 throttle tickbox checked. - Calibrate your CH TQ through the CH Manager and assign the throttle via P3D menu instead fsuipc. I have the AS320 in P3D v3.2.5 with CH Throttle Quadrant configured as said above with no issues at all. Hope it helps."
  3. I made a go-around and I it was quite normal My Throttle was in CLIMB mode and I pushed it fully forward to MAN TOGA SRS and NAV is visible and go-around altitude is blue It seems that You are not fully in TOGA mode as GS and LOC are still visible and go-around altitude is white.. What type of Throttle are You using...??
  4. You can't understand why You selected DIR ABARTOR........The waypoint is ARTOR.......... Why not refly the route and select DIR a vaypoint along the route and check it AbeamPoints är created...
  5. Which point did You select as destination when pushing DIR...?
  6. I was wrong about fuel SORRY. But I noticed another thing about Your Flight: The aircraft turns right as You have of a reason ABM VIPPA (white) as destination...... Why I can't explain I made the same flight to EDDF and set DIR LUTUS with abeam points and as You can see LUTUS is destination and You can also see f.e. ABM VIPPA is green among all other abeam points
  7. According loadsheet You should load 15,6 T but You flew away with only 12,1 T Next time fill the tanks up to 15,6 T and see what happens in flight I shall Fly Your route ENGM-EDDF with your figures and see what happens
  8. Your video is not clear Question: in TOC You have 12 T in Loadsheet You should load 15 something EFOB is 5 something I think your INIT B page was not correct b4 T/O When I have missed fuel in INIT B vs Load sheet not to be the same my flight ended up in a mess Regard this as a tip nothing else....))
  9. Try go check INIT B fuel correspond with loaded fuel according loadsheet........Of not You can't fly properly
  10. You have not selected Cruise Altitude as no blue "ALT CRZ" is visible only "ALT" (see my picture) That i think will explain the banana behaviour.....:)) Can't figure out why You have 10000 ft selected when you shall climb higher according flightplan (EH028 FL117) Next time set cruise altitude and press the alt button and all will be fine...:))
  11. I highlighted this some years ago and got the answer from mr. M that I had to fly the holding entry with manual input.... If you not can make a correct holding procedure You will enter an unsafe area ........ I hope You will look at this again and take action this time
  12. Estimated Fuel Onbord (EFOB) ZERO (0) indicates that You have missed the set-up somewhere 1. Check that correct fuel,Cargo,pax are loaded according to loadsheet by INIT LOADSHEET (green colour) 2. Wait until loading is complete 3. Check that values in INIT 2 Page corresponds to loadsheet 4. If all is OK you also have a printed loadsheet 5. DIFRIPS is a good help in your set-up.....DATA/INIT P1/F-PLN/RADNAV/INIT P2/PERF/SEC-PLN
  13. Hi I made a test and here is the result: I open the guard with the mousewheel Then control the switch with Left and Right mouse click I close the guard with th mousewhel I don't know what type of mapping You have but it works for me......
  14. Why not take DC-9-41..........? I can help with 17yrs IRL....😎
  15. I have written about this before regarding A320 operation but now with A330 nothing has happened about this small problem.. When You IRL make Autoland and "RETARD" comes if you not retard throttles the system will Automaticly retard throttles to idle and STAY THERE....... When you make Autoland with Aerosoft Airbusses and "RETARD" comes the system will automaticly retard throttles BUT GOES TO CLIMB THRUST if not throttles not retarded manually I know perfectly well tha I have to retard throttles to get auto-brakes and later on activate reverse but I don't like the CLIMB THRUST BUG I really like the Airbus 330 especially the nice sound from the engines and the new SAS-livery so see my post as a minor note
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