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  1. According check-list you awitch on Logo light before eng start and switch it off when parked I made some tests and when Flaps 2 is selected the light remains ON, when Flaps 1 is selected the light go OFF To be correct the LOGO light shall be ON as Flap 1 on all Busses is more than 15 degrees extended And now to confuse : On some Busses in SAS you could switch ON the LOGO light when airborne to be more visible in darkness when you met other traffic but this must be a non-standard update.....
  2. You have a point there......... LOGO light will be ON with flaps more than 15 degrees A330 Flaps 1 is 16 degrees The smaller Busses Flaps 1 are 18 degress A 340 flaps 1 is 20 degrees So in my T/O with Flaps 1 (16 deg.) the light should be ON untill flaps reduction This is a BUG
  3. Look at theextract from FCOM 330 According to that description the light will go out when airborne I made a test with a330 p3D 4.5 and the lights goes off in lift-off
  4. A help not to forget anythng in the set-up is DIFRIPS which is a good help 1. DATA 2.INIT page 1 3.F-PLN 4.RAD NAV 5 INIT page 2 6.PERF 7.SEC FPLN Before that be sure to init LOADSHEET an finish loading
  5. Hi Kevin I also made a test with an old A318 and I got the same result.....
  6. Hi. I have 5 Years IRL Airbus 330/340 but to be sure I asked my fellow who is Flight Instructor on Airbus 330/340/350 I made a flight test and made a climb according to NO 4 situation... You have not misunderstand anything.... When You change altitude and use Selected or Managed speed and push the alltitude knob it shall go in Thr CLB / CLB up to capture mode In capture mode it changes to Speed / Alt * So Dave there must be a BUG in the system PS: I hope I haven't misunderstand the whole question so to be sure take some answers from Your Airbus Fellows..:))
  7. Looking forward a Video of Your approach....... What speed in magenta in APP page as You are flying in Selected speed which doesn't take care of wind change...?
  8. Hi TrevorS.... I found info about this in AEROPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL DC-8 chapter "STANDARD PROCEDURES" 03. STABILITY AT HIGH ALTITUDE For all jet aircraft flying at high altitude, the damping of the long period oscillations is rather weak, causing speed and altitude variations which may result in difficulty in maintaining an accurate flight path. Although the aircraft is quite stable under all flying conditions, the autopilot and the altitude control should be used for optimum per- formance If You will take your tim to read more about this I have attached the page and try the "Trim Procedure" if you dare...:)) IMG_20200622_0001.pdf
  9. Here we go again...:)) I changed PAL in PAL5Q with PAL/270/2 and I think this is the best way to do it
  10. I got some information from my active friends in SAS and there is same as in Aerosoft that You mess up the MCDU when entering two exact waypoints in SID and Approach... You can create a PRD to fix it like PAL/180/2 but why not make it easy and apply to my previous tip
  11. I don’t remember how it was IRL but the best in this game is to load the SID and Waypoints and when airborne when PAL passed by overflying or DIR TO MARON before PAL load the ARRIVAL Route...
  12. Thanks for Quick answer...I really like flying Your Busses so my points was that I wanted it to function in all phases of flight from planning to shut-down..... My IRL experience of Airbus is 5 yrs 330/340 and It feels really good to take a trip and recall the bus-feeling after being Senior Citizen from 2007 Thanks Eric
  13. There have been some questions regarding holding pattern and holding procedures... There are some references about holding procedure and holding entries Last post I read about holding was how to fly holding in Aerosoft A320 I Suggest that you have to point out that AEROSOFT AIRBUS IS UNABLE TO ENTER HOLDING CORRECT EXEPT DIRECT ENTRY If You enter holding without HDG SELECT manual mode You can find yourself flying over restricted or Danger areas I made a post about this issue some years ago but perhaps next year there will be an fix...I still hope
  14. I noticed that You was in Alitude Capture Mode and You was about to reach 4000 ft AFTER LEDKI and that could be reason that FINAL APP wasn't activated.... If You made several approaches stabilized at 4000 ft before LEDKI without success this is not the reason for this missed approach I used AIRAC 2003 for info and had no problem with my RNAV (GPS) Z Rwy 25L so it could be a AIRAC issue
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