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  1. AAC47

    A319 not follow the LNAV

    In my Eyes WI006
  2. AAC47

    A319 not follow the LNAV

    You are in climb following RTT3X and I can see WI006 but can't find WI007 on Your picture It should be a solid line WI006-279 deg-WI007 according chart Can You send a picture of Your Departure Route RTT3X
  3. AAC47

    A319 not follow the LNAV

    Go to LOWI charts on the net and in takeoff RW 26 there is SID RTT3X for departure I suggest that You use this departure in night operation... I tried it and it works OK
  4. ENZV RNAV(gnss) RW 36 Racetrack inbound course 359deg L turn... I enter with course 180 deg and the correct entry should be Teardrop or Parrallell...... As You can see on image the Airbus tries to make a Direct Entry and this is not correct Previous versions makes this correct but NOT PLS Update and add an update ..... (PS: RNAV approaches unable to perform with this version as you can see on the posts blw)
  5. AAC47

    Managed RNAV does not work

    I have looked at previous posts in this topic and the conclusion is that the Bus CAN'T MAKE RNAV APPROACH........ Only lateral guidance works...Vertical guidance must be manual inputs I can't find any info how to make RNAV approach in the Documents of Aerosoft so they probaly don't know how to do it I made a test with PMDG 737 and RNAV worked correct As RNAV approaches is more and more used in Civil Aviation its time for Aerosoft to make an update or they will loose customers
  6. AAC47

    Managed RNAV does not work

    I made following approaches..... EDDL RNAV (GPS) 23L (DL002 not in data base) EDDH RNP33 (DH80,DH85 not in data base ENBR RNAV (GNSS) 17 (ALUVA 2N too complex for the data base in final phase) All without success.....RNAV STAR is OK In approach ENBR I got descent command but A/P didn't follow so until further LNAV + V/S or manual.....
  7. AAC47

    Next update?

    If you have vertical speed oscillations in cruise the normal way is to disconnect A/P and retrim Aircarft and connect A/P again according to instructions in AFM It is no big deal for a pilot who knows his plane..... V/S in climb and descent is often used when flying DC-8 and DC-9 and the reason is that You want a special rate of climb/descent...Using IAS/Mach gives too much fluctuations due to wind and temp variations I have never heard "dangerous" in connection with normal operation of an DC-8
  8. AAC47

    DC8 Operations

    Thanks for the picture of DC-8-70 panel ....It is almost similar to -62 and -63 panels....... Question: Was the Cab. Compressors OFF or ON in T/O in the DC-8 you flew........In -60/-62 they were OFF and was started when airborne.........
  9. AAC47

    DC8 Operations

    Can You send a picture of F/E panel for -70 series. Cabin Compressors...? APU....? Can You describe main difference to erlier versions...?
  10. AAC47

    DC8 Operations

    Understand You are a retired DC-8 Frighter pilot with lot of experience....But try to understand that focus of the simulation is on normal operation with no failures and that includes NOT 3-eng flight or crossfeeed operation.. DC-8 system is very complex and the best solution must be a syntetic F/E for relief.......... There is 15 PSI from all tanks with fuel zero (panel.gif) and the reversers open with engines on but remember this flightsim and not real aircraft so the best is to operate it the normal way and have fun flying this fine Aircraft ..I myself flies the Scanair DC-8 on short legs in Northern EU max 2 HRS flight time.... "Your flight engine who participated in the beta test, is a funny man" is no good english but is very "funny" to read..... thanks... looking forward next post
  11. AAC47

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Looking forward to fly this Cargo-Bird so I get rid of the always upcoming problems with yelling pax and angry Cabin-Crew when I make my smooth touch-downs........:))
  12. AAC47

    Mach Crossover Altitude

    I found this : https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-crossover-altitude
  13. AAC47

    Mach Crossover Altitude

    I found that over CI 52 it shows MACH Below CI 52 it shows SPEED Why I can't find but searching
  14. AAC47

    Mach Crossover Altitude

    What happens if You select SPEED......does it return to MACH by itself....??
  15. AAC47

    Problem with the INS position update

    If the position error is within limit I can't understand why You have to update INS