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  1. Thanks for Quick answer...I really like flying Your Busses so my points was that I wanted it to function in all phases of flight from planning to shut-down..... My IRL experience of Airbus is 5 yrs 330/340 and It feels really good to take a trip and recall the bus-feeling after being Senior Citizen from 2007 Thanks Eric
  2. There have been some questions regarding holding pattern and holding procedures... There are some references about holding procedure and holding entries Last post I read about holding was how to fly holding in Aerosoft A320 I Suggest that you have to point out that AEROSOFT AIRBUS IS UNABLE TO ENTER HOLDING CORRECT EXEPT DIRECT ENTRY If You enter holding without HDG SELECT manual mode You can find yourself flying over restricted or Danger areas I made a post about this issue some years ago but perhaps next year there will be an fix...I still hope
  3. I noticed that You was in Alitude Capture Mode and You was about to reach 4000 ft AFTER LEDKI and that could be reason that FINAL APP wasn't activated.... If You made several approaches stabilized at 4000 ft before LEDKI without success this is not the reason for this missed approach I used AIRAC 2003 for info and had no problem with my RNAV (GPS) Z Rwy 25L so it could be a AIRAC issue
  4. I worked IRL as F/E ON DC-8 in SAS and I have not experiensed any problems with oscillation on cruise exept when flying manually....)) In P3D sometimes oscillation but was fixed with A/P OFF and retrimming or descent to lower altitude.. I attach just for info AFM DC-8-60 VOL 2 page regarding cruise and again JUST FOR INFO...! Item 03 is interesting DC-8.pdf
  5. I only have AFM DC-8 Series 60 and I can't find code 28... Adding 2 documents for Nice to Know 1.pdf 2.pdf
  6. I couldn't find error code 28 nearest was 26........................... What is the Aircraft state when you perform INS alignment...? Do You use REMOTE when setting of Present Pos..? What position values do You use..? Do You reset position figures from what You see on INS...??
  7. Call You back next Year
  8. Thanks for Your answer....... It seems that Direct Entry for holding entry is working OK I sent a post about this 6 March 2019 so there is not an issue I discovered Yesterday I will fly holdings manually until further
  9. Simple Question : When will I get my plane to enter holding correct...?? My plan was to depart ENBR rwy 17 and enter idava holding with inbound track 351 and Left Turn The expected holding entry was Offset Entry which is as follows: 1. Upon reaching the fix, turn to a heading that results in a track having an angle of 30 deg. or less from the inbound track reciprocal on the holding side 2. Continue for the appropiate period of time, then turn (in this case) left to intercept the inbound track and follow the holding pattern I made some screenshots from the attempt to fly what was planned and as You can see the procedure to be flown is not fully correct compared to ENBR IAL Chart Looking forward simple answer........ ENBR.pdf
  10. The small arrow must point at the database and that was not the case in the picture
  11. You have selected an empty database... Push the button next to the arrow and the active database will be selected Now AIRAC 2003 is out
  12. Hi Highlander.. I made a test with A318 to fly your route.... As You can see the SID waypoints are still visible I have selected DIR BUBBY on the picture Sometimes when the plane doesnt fly correct I have found that loadsheet figures don't correspond to actual figures in the plane. Just a Long-shot...:)
  13. The only way to have an extended centerline is to create a PBD point and i works quite good until next update
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