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  1. I posted 6 December 2018 about this strange holding issue and The Aerosoft Forum Administrator should look at it In this case we should hav an offset entry or close to parallell entry I made a test with PMDG 737 and it flow the correct way so there is no problem with database Holding.mp4
  2. AAC47

    Transponder visibility

    Have You tried Pedestal View
  3. AAC47

    Fuel problem with cargo verison

    I think You shall not mix Shift + 3 with P3D load manager P3D load manager doesn't distribute fuel in the tanks in a correct way I only use Shift + 3 when loading fuel and that works without problem
  4. I made a rough takeoff with A/P and NAV/LOC engaged.. Normally You could make a soft capture with HDG select but I just wanted to test the LOC capture AS You can see there is an twice overshoot before stabilaized on radial 313.... There must be some problem with Your installation of last update but I cant help You more Hope there is a clever Simmer in this forum who can solve this issue............ LOC..mp4
  5. Hi Eduard..... Strange problem You have.. I made a departure BIO-LEBB SID RWY 30 I flew exactly the way You described and all was as expected. I did this: 1. Start-UP P3 D 4.4 2. Load Scanair DC-8 3 LEBB RW 30 4. Select 30 LBS and clear all lights on F/E panel+ Fuel pumps ON 5. 115,90 BLV/ Radial 313 6. Then T/O the way You described Question: Could You fly radial just using Turn Knob...??
  6. AAC47

    Cabin Pressure

    The issue was on Airbus 320 I selected Airbus 321 and got normal indication. I dont think the new update will make any difference as I can't find anything about cabin press in change log Next time in a 320 I will stay on low level if it happens again
  7. AAC47

    Cabin Pressure

    At some flights I got too high Cabin Diff. Pressure.... At some flights normal operation Unable to adjust It seems that the System will have the Cabin Elevation on ground level What am I doing wrong...??
  8. On page 3 Can You explain why You have this speed in Approach Phase before we discuss other things.......??
  9. Thanks for Your easy answer.... After the "smart roll-back" my Airbus works exellent Before -"- my Airbus worked poor
  10. I cant understand why it is so dangerous to make a roll-back in this smart way........ There is NO IMPACT in the Airbus files 1. You unclick the mark to update to experimental version of YourAirbus which was recomended by the Staff 2. You make a Roll-Back of the Updater so You will have the correct version of Your Airbus recomended by the Staff 3.This action takes 5 min. and again no impact of the Airbus installation just a nice correction of the Updater Take a new look at the post pls.............
  11. There is a smart guy in the Forum......Just follow instruction and You don't need a reinstall..................
  12. Thanks a lot.....:)) Nice to have a smart guy among us noobs........................
  13. It is almost a week now when Aerosoft released the faulty update....... I found the conversation level in the forum is downgrading to a unwanted level.... I myself will only wait for the correct update as I mean that Aerosoft will do the work not all the huge mass of users of Airbus I the meantime I fly P'MDG products B737 and B747 and QW787 and i like it very much Why not fix everything in order to keep Your customers................................
  14. Rename to so we can easily make a quick roll-back
  15. After update to I got some strange figures in INIT PAGE 2. RTE RSV shows -2147 EFOB unreadable Flightplan remaining fuel is 0