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  1. Hi... You are fully right It is one of the strange things in this Airbus Try to make a paralell entry in holding and You will see strange things
  2. Sorry for my writing........It is a departure and i fly it manually
  3. I often use PBD to facilitate approaches...... In this case you can use KLO/232/10
  4. AAC47

    Cold and Dark ??

    You have problem to understand that focus is made on normal operation............... Intereseting to know that You survived a 3-eng Flight Can't understand why You are stucked in a game which can't compete in the big leage Why are you here....? You are not the only IRL pilot on DC-8
  5. Have You made a test without wind uplink and with wind uplink have you checked if there is a change of wind speed during descent.....??
  6. PONCT-JFUND2 ends up in Boston KBOS........ My personal opinion about this STAR must be RADAR VECTORING to actual runway in use to avoid step turns and steep descent
  7. "By the way Dave, the same happens at KBOS, try the JFUND2. In the chart there are different transitions per runway. E.g. SCITU for rwys 32/33L. If ATC changes your arrival later to rwy 27, the routes programmed in the MCDU will still put you on SCITU instead of SEHAG." I made a test approach JFUND2 with SCITU runway 32 and changed to runway 27 by entering in primary flightplan and JFUND2 arrival... SCITU was replaced by SEHAG and the approach and landing was performed normally I flew A318 with update and Navigraph 1904 Can you show a picture of the MCDU before and after the change of runway for landing.....??
  8. When i fly Airbus and want to change runway for landing: 1. F-PLN page 2. Just mark the runway you set up for landing 3. Select the new runway for approach 4. Select the new STAR 5. Clean up if needed waypoints not needed
  9. I found the update and I was looking forward a fix for the holding procedure........ I made a flight test of my A319 and checked the way it flew when entering the holding....... I found that Your answer is still valid
  10. Really good news to check ADF in BOTH .......Time for hairy NDB approaches...:))
  11. Hi... I found these answers to Your questions: 1. Regarding ADF only tuning knobs are simulated so the check is verified when the pointer is active to disired direction 2. Ground spoiler switch is not installed only test switch 3. I have copied from AFM info about Preferential Circuit and how perform the test is described in Checklist Amplified IMG_20190321_0001.pdf
  12. Strange ..tried to duplicate Your problem but as You can see I have RNAV approaches on my MCDU... There must be something with Your 1903 file... I have adde my NAVIGRAPH set-up and you can check if date is the same to start with
  13. I have tried several times and the best answer is " It sounds indeed as an issue that needs to be looked at." I tried a new post about this issue but no answer to be used so i give up
  14. Thanks for Your answer Partially available means you can press HOLD button ?? Understand when entering holding with Aerosoft Airbus I have to select HDG to be on the safe side I also use a Boeing 737 from another developer and i works slightly different when entering holding As this post is fully explained why not close it...??
  15. Do You have any plans to introduce correct HOLDING procedure for this Airbus When You are flying online and enter holding the way Your Airbus acts it is clearly UNSAFE as You are flying outside the holding area. This is my third post about this so the answer will be "We will look into it" but I make a new try anyway
  16. Tried to duplicate but only got 109.90 ILS 16... Can You inform about the whole route You flew because sometimes the system will be stuck to a previous frequence so you have to make a manual reset.... Did You change destination ..??
  17. I posted 6 December 2018 about this strange holding issue and The Aerosoft Forum Administrator should look at it In this case we should hav an offset entry or close to parallell entry I made a test with PMDG 737 and it flow the correct way so there is no problem with database Holding.mp4
  18. Have You tried Pedestal View
  19. I think You shall not mix Shift + 3 with P3D load manager P3D load manager doesn't distribute fuel in the tanks in a correct way I only use Shift + 3 when loading fuel and that works without problem
  20. I made a rough takeoff with A/P and NAV/LOC engaged.. Normally You could make a soft capture with HDG select but I just wanted to test the LOC capture AS You can see there is an twice overshoot before stabilaized on radial 313.... There must be some problem with Your installation of last update but I cant help You more Hope there is a clever Simmer in this forum who can solve this issue............ LOC..mp4
  21. Hi Eduard..... Strange problem You have.. I made a departure BIO-LEBB SID RWY 30 I flew exactly the way You described and all was as expected. I did this: 1. Start-UP P3 D 4.4 2. Load Scanair DC-8 3 LEBB RW 30 4. Select 30 LBS and clear all lights on F/E panel+ Fuel pumps ON 5. 115,90 BLV/ Radial 313 6. Then T/O the way You described Question: Could You fly radial just using Turn Knob...??
  22. AAC47

    Cabin Pressure

    The issue was on Airbus 320 I selected Airbus 321 and got normal indication. I dont think the new update will make any difference as I can't find anything about cabin press in change log Next time in a 320 I will stay on low level if it happens again
  23. AAC47

    Cabin Pressure

    At some flights I got too high Cabin Diff. Pressure.... At some flights normal operation Unable to adjust It seems that the System will have the Cabin Elevation on ground level What am I doing wrong...??
  24. On page 3 Can You explain why You have this speed in Approach Phase before we discuss other things.......??
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