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  1. I kind of have the same problem. I set my prop and flaps levers through FSUIPC, but I can only get them to work in the KATANA when I set them to 'PROP LEVER FSX' and 'FLAP LEVER COMPATIBLE' in the aircraft's settings.
  2. Thanks for your replies! However, I don't really understand the problem I might encounter using FsPassengers.
  3. If I buy VFR London X or only London City X, will it include the right runway designation at the airport? In other words: will the runway be 09/27 instead of the old 10/28? In the screenshots on your site the runway is still designated 10/28. For me, an add-on airport needs to be spot on. Thanks in advance for any replies! Regards.
  4. Guys, it's really cool you offer the Andras customers this discount, but make sure it will fit on the taxiways: http://www.forum.aer...showtopic=36429!
  5. This is what I mean by saying the Catalina doesn't fit between the lampposts next to the taxiway:
  6. Is nobody else experiencing this problem or is just nobody flying the Cat or any other amphibian airplane around Andras Field? I really hope the issue will be solved, but I doubt if the developer will look at it just for me, since nobody else seems to have this problem. So please post if you're experiencing the problem with the slipways and/or post your solution to it. Thank you.
  7. Thank you! For now, I'd like to know if anyone actually IS able to get out of the water by using the slipway and what realism settings he (or she?) is using? Maybe my settings are just wrong. I tried the Carenado Cessna Stationair Amphibian and unlike with the Catalina, I couldn't even get INTO the water without problems. By the way, don't get me wrong: I really like Andras Field! It's a great place to enjoy my GA aircraft!
  8. Tow trucks aren't included in AES for Andras Field (yet?).
  9. Just like in the Andras Field movie on YouTube, I decided to take my own Catalina out for a walk on Andras Field. However, I found out that it wasn't easy! The wings of the aircraft didn't fit between the lamppost next to the taxiway, so I would suggest to move them even further to the sides. Also, getting into the water using the slipway didn't look that good as can be seen in the movie, but getting out of the water is just impossible without using slew. Will this issue be dealt with in an update? To me, Andras Field really is like a playground for the Catalina and getting in and out of the water is just a cool thing to do!
  10. Because the repair mode of the SP2 installer didn't work for some odd reason, I completely uninstalled SP2 and afterwards installed it again. Fortunately, that was the trick! My problem is gone now. Regards, A satisfied customer
  11. Would a reinstall of SP2 cure the problem according to you?
  12. The only thing I can remember is the installation of FSGlobal 2010. But I already tried to run Lelystad X with FSGlobal deactivated in the scenery library and that didn't help.
  13. I have the following problem with the ground textures of Lelystad X. I have run the scenery perfectly before and I am using the suggested settings. I have used the repair function and I did a complete reinstall of the scenery without any luck! If I zoom out a bit, this is what I see: I hope you can help me! Thanks, Kevin
  14. Will Aerosoft's Schiphol get AES support?
  15. @ dmike: I completely understand what you're saying! Off course it was just a question of mine. If the answer is that it's not possible, It's ok with me. @ Duco: That really is some great news! Thanks!
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