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  1. By the way, to run P3D fast, is there any advantage from the new M.2 HDs?
  2. So, if with your "normal" PC you already can fly very good, with a high-end PC you can do a lot more. But what are the things you can do more with Professional P3D version? I was reading something about it, but I didn't understand quite well the difference between both versions.
  3. I am happy with 25-30. The human eye cannot "distinguish" more fps after a certain number. I think even a lower number. I have read something like 17?
  4. Indeed that's what I said: probably no hardware is ready for that... the same as 15 years ago. Computers are better but stuff is also more detailed and complex.
  5. Well, that I know but of course I am taking in account that those settings we always speak are set to 100 % or very near. That's what I am talking about when we discuss fps. If I use default scenery I know that I can achive a lot of fps, but if I use an ORBX or Aerosoft scenery I expect to use all settings at 100 % or near. It's the same discussion of 10-15 years ago: is there any hardware combination that can run P3Dv4 with all sliders set to 100 %, with detailed sceneries (ORBX, FlyTampa, Aerosoft), clouds (REX), AI aircrafts, complex aircraft (FS Labs, PMDG) and so on? I suspect that maybe the answer is again: No.
  6. Thanks. The problem is when you add everything together. We were discussing this issue about framerates and stutters like 15, 10, 5 years ago... I hope that with this system and everything together doesn't give me problems at least to run it about 30 fps.
  7. Hi all, I am almost out of FS for 1-2 years and I want to come back. I have several questions about hardware and software: a) Software: 1. FSX or P3Dv4? 2. P3Dv4 professional or academic? (I just want to do what I did with FSX) b) Hardware: 1. Processor: i7 7800X LGA2066 3,5-4,0 GHz, i7 8700K LGA1151 3.7-4.7 GHz 12M, or a different and better one? Overclocking is really necessary with such high-end CPUs? 2. Motherboard: MSI X299 GAMING PRO CARBON AC LGA2066 8DDR4 ST6RD GBLAN, ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING LGA1151 USB 3.1 M.2, or a different and better one? 3. Videocard: ASUS NVIDIA GTX 1080TI ROG STRIX 11GB GDDR5X PCIE3, GIGABYTE NVIDIA GTX 1080TI WATERFORCE XTREME AORUS 11, MSI NVIDIA GTX 1080TI GAMING X 11GB GDDR5X PCIE3, or a different and better one? 4. RAM: 16GB DDR4 4266 2X288 DIMM CL19 1.2V GSKILL TRIDENT Z? One needed or two of these which makes 32GB in total? Any different suggestions? 5. HD: MZ-V7E500BW - M.2 PCIE X4 2280 SAMSUNG 970 EVO 500GB 3500/2500MB to run Windows 10 at 64 bits, SAMSUNG SSD 1TB SATA Serie 850 EVO - mSATA to run FSX/P3D, or any other sugestions? 6. Cooler: which one? Watercooling is probably better? One thing that I notice reading every forum is: we are still talking about simulators running at 20 or 25 fps with all stuff like Aerosoft, FlyTampa, ORBX, detailed clouds, PMDG 777 or FSLabs 320, AI aicrafts at 75 % or 100 %, scenery details at 100 % and so on. Is this machine good to run one of those simulators at 30 fps at least and without stutters? Thanks, harpsi
  8. Hi Sorry, this is a big misconfuse. If you want to install Svolvaer + ORBX Global Vector + ORBX Global Base + ORBX FTX Norway Region, what do we need to do in terms of scenery order and other issues like SODE? Tks. harpsi
  9. harpsi


    It solved if I disable EGLC airport from VFR scenery. Tks. harpsi
  10. harpsi


    I already did that and I still have the traffic there... harpsi
  11. harpsi


    Hi Is there a way to take the AI aircrafts from EGLC out? I have no AI traffic packages installed which means that those aircrafts are coming from the scenery itself... Tks harpsi
  12. Hi I tried to download version 1.01 from Stavanger but the zip file still shows version 1.00. Is it possible to correct this issue? Thanks. harpsi
  13. Hi Is it possible to have PAKT from ORBX also modelled? I know that this airport has a lot of limitations because of all de level degrees of altitude, but at least a pushback car from gate 1 and 2 and 1 fuel car... Passengers modeling maybe not needed. Due to the limitations the pushback car would be fair enough harpsi
  14. Well, I understand all the explanations but none of them answer directly to my question. I would like an answer like "yes or no" to the question "do I need to install DirectX 9c over DirectX 11 or should I leave it like that?" As I understood I should leave it like it is now... harpsi
  15. Hi There is something that I don´t understand and if the question is about FS addons from aerosoft or from other company, it is related to FSX as well, because nothing runs without FSX DX11 is installed but DX9 is there as well? Do I need to run directX 9.0c and it will go over DX11? Or I just leave it like that? I am using Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits... I am using GTX580 as a videocard. harpsi
  16. Hi It is known that windows 7 ultimate 64 bits comes with DirectX 11 installed. 1. Are aerosoft addons compatible with directX 11? 2. The same question for almost all other addons like flytampa, orbx, flight1 and so on... 3. If not, how can we uninstall DirectX11 and install directX 9.0c? harpsi
  17. Hi I have my new system for FSX which is: - Processor i7-2600k - Mobo Asus P8Z68-V Pro - Corsair Hydro 80 - Asus nvidia GTX580 1536MB DDR5 - G. Skill 2X4GB 1600 CL7 - one SSD harddisk for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits - PSU TX950W - Case Corsair Graphite CC600T I would like to overclock it and the settings I am trying are these: - bclk 100 - multiplier 49 - ram memory set to manual ddr3-1600 - PLL enabled - EPU power disabled - LLC ultrahigh - VRM set to manual 350 - phase control and duty control (I don´t know what they are) set to extreme - cpu capability set to 140% - cpu voltage 1.470V - dram voltage 1.60000 - vccio, cpu pll and pch voltage set to auto - hypertreading disabled - EIST and CPU C1E enabled - CPU C3 and C6 reports disabled >>> Temperatures under REAL TEMP 3.60 version: under 73ºC (between 60 and 73 more or less) >>> Core voltage under CPU-Z: 1.456V Any suggestion in order to get 4.9GHz stable or even go up to 5GHz? And another question: should I run all aerosoft addons with for example PMDG NGX, ai traffic 100 %, AES and all those beautiful things as well as almost all the sliders to the right, at 25 or 30 frames minimum with those specs? I hope I can stabilize the processor at 4.9GHz... at least... harpsi
  18. Can it be: E:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X? harpsi
  19. Hi One of the most important features I would like to see on the new simulator would be weather radar and terrain in all aircrafts. I see that many teams like PMDG, Level D, Airsimmer and so on are developing new aircrafts, more complex, but there are still some things that are missing in all of them, and these ones are for sure two of them. When we speak about weather radar, imediately comes the answer that it is not possible on Flight Simulator and bla bla bla... Another issue which was never solved would be the possibility to have an afcad where one runway has one side closed for landing and the other side closed for takeoff or even for both operations or none of them. Schiphol is a good example of how you can never do a real afcad with just one file in order to reproduce all possible weather conditions. A third issue just for now, would be possibility of pushback trucks for all AI aircrafts. It is very ugly that you can make your pushback with such a brilliant program like AES but you still have to see all other aircrafts making strange turns after pushback and before taxi. harpsi
  20. It´s a choice. 100 % realistic operations at Schiphol are impossible with one afcad. Amost every runway is used for takeoff in one side and for landing in the other side. You can say that it is not 100 % confortable to have a lot of afcads in one package but you can´t say that they are not realistic. Anyway, there are a lot of afcads according to real life operations, so that everyone can choose whatever they like. And there are a lot of tricky things at this airport. For example without shortened runways you will never see take-offs at 36 L because it is too far from the aprons. And of course, it it not really realistic to have runway 09 always in use for TO. Just two examples of how difficult this airport is to configure. harpsi
  21. I agree on that... Simwings or aerosoft are much much better than Dreamfactory Studio. We see the big difference between ESSA or EBBR and all the others from simwings or aerosoft. hapsi
  22. Can you write your comuter specifications please? Tks harpsi
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