We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. I think it is HAL9000, the computer from 2010, A Space Odyssey. Dinshaw.
  2. Hi Finn, I totally understand what you mean. What you see is not necessarily what you get in this case If I may suggest, if you (read you as team) are going to put out any further screen shots before release, you may want to add a tag like a disclaimer that this is an older alpha/beta. It may avoid some comments about things not being correct etc. I am not for a second suggesting that it is unwarrented for folks to point out "flaws", in fact such observations invariably lead to improvements in a product. I am just saying, that we public are not aware how far down the line of development these prototype shots are, only the team does. It will probably cause less speculation and jumping to conclusions that these are from the latest build. Dinshaw.
  3. Hi Mathijs, Things are looking great and this August looks like a watershed month for FS. I have one question, On approach, SOP is managed mode for speed. Airbus uses a philosophy of constant Ground Speed rather than IAS like Boeing. Therefore, IAS will keep changing on finals to maintain GS depending on the winds. Is this modeled by your bus as well? Cheers, Dinshaw.
  4. Dear Emil, I dont think you can compare the two as the Aerosoft picture does not show the levers in Idle, but at or near the climb detent. Nowhere has it been said that the throttles are in idle. In the actual photograph with the levers in idle, the back part of the thrust levers are "encroaching" in the part printed REV. I am sure if the thrust levers on the aerosoft bus are placed in idle, you will see the same as that in the actual photograph. What I do find different in the two images, is that the green CG band in the photo ends with 3 DN units of trim, whereas in the Aerosoft Airbus it ends at a little more than 2 DN units of trim. Also, the green band goes almost all the way down to the bottom of the thrust lever stops, whereas, in the Aerosoft Airbus, it ends quite a bit higher. Keep in mind, the trim is set to almost the same position in both images ie., at approx 0 units. Also, the scale markings seem a bit different between the two. Then again, I could be wrong. Also, bear in mind, these images may be older, and these anomalies could very well have been rectified, if they are at all anomalies. Hope it helps, Dinshaw.
  5. Dear Bjorn, Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, you are right. If I recall, it was N1 and IAS(set to 250K) upto 10,000 feet. After that, disengage the pitch mode(IAS), pitch green would be annunciated on the FMA, and use CWS accelerating to say...300Kts and reengage IAS at the required speed. Once Alt Acq amber changed to Alt Acq green, engage speed mode. I think this was the climb procedure. With regards to descent, I am not sure but initial action was to disengage SPD and reduce speed to around 280 Kts. After speed reduction by bringing throttles back a bit, engage Alt ACQ, the aircraft would then begin a descent in Alt Acq green. Once Alt Acq green changed to Alt Acq amber, slowly retard the throttles to idle and engage IAS at the required speed. But it was many years ago, and I may be wrong. But yes, IC aircraft had no VSPD mode. I think the safe pitch was calculated during the preflight and set. If I recall, it was basically for a single engine performance. I will try and get the details what exactly the setting was used for and how it was used. If you see this photo, you can see that the aircraft is in descent, but the thumbwheel if used for VSPD is showing a climb. This thumbwheel is set to around 11-12 degrees of pitch attitude and not 1100 or 1200 FPM climb. Link: http://www.airliners.net/photo/DHL-%28European-Air/Airbus-A300B4-203%28F%29/1643031/L/&sid=92b023c9b4ca4405267fbaacca1fc82c With regards to the EGT....WOW....you learn something new everyday But, I am glad you are also using the powers of illusion for SP2. Any time frame, when it would be out? Also, in SP2, can I suggest some tweak or change in the 2D panel viewpoint. It is impossible to see the runway on the final approach. Cheers, Dinshaw.
  6. Hi Bjorn, First off.....great a/c...one of the best for FSX that there is. I understand what you say about the EGT rise, and it is an FSX problem as correctly stated. Even FS9 has this issue. But somehow, LDS767 and the PMDG 747/MD11 do seem to have smoothed this hurdle to a large extent. These aircraft have a far more gradual rise in EGT than compared to others, even the A300. But at the same time, I love the delay in EGT rise (after raising the start levers) that you have been able to model . It has been many years since I was in an A300 cockpit, and if I recall correctly, the procedure was 15% N1, start levers on and if I recall it was 11 seconds timing for EGT rise. Do correct me if I am wrong. Another question I have is that on the AFDS panel. You have modeled the VS as a pitch mode for the AFDS. If I once again remember, this thumb wheel used to set safe pitch, the aircraft's of Indian Airlines did not have a VS function. Was this added by Airbus to later aircraft? Or have you not modeled safe pitch, and used that to model VS instead. Just curious Thanks once again for a brilliant simulation Dinshaw.
  7. Stunning stuff Mathijs. Great work by the team!! Dinshaw.
  8. Thats fabulous news Mathijs Will this be made available on Simarket as well? All the best wishes for a succesful release. Cheers, Dinshaw.
  9. Hi folks at Simcheck, So looking forward to the release of this plane. I have loved following the development and now the RTM (I think) screenies. Everything looks great! I dont mean to nitpick, but I just thought the angle of the start levers, just below the thrust levers, was a little too "upright". They are at a much flatter angle, if you see in this photo ( http://www.airliners...-203/0203441/L/ ) Like I said, no big deal, but it is just something that caught my eye. I do know that this is a highly detailed production in terms of systems, flight modeling, etc and less on the "eye candy", which personally, I prefer the former any day. Regards, Dinshaw.
  10. Thats great Gaura, looking forward to it, I am sure its gonna look great! Dinshaw.
  11. Outstanding work Jankees. Loving it. Cant wait for the Airbus and Air India paints. Hope at some point you can do the 320 in IC and KF colours as well
  12. Super, Thanks a lot Mathijs for your reply
  13. Hi Mathijs, First off, thanks for the wonderful updates to the A300. This is one aircraft that I have been wanting in FS for God knows how many years I am so excited about the imminent release. Bjorn and everybody at Simcheck and Aerosoft are to be congratulated for seeing this project through. With numerous topics all over the internet on how hard it is to simulate the modern Airbus, I am thrilled all of you have taken a decision to give us the pioneering aircraft of this Company. I never understood why the A300 B2/B4 was ignored until now. You are very close to release as mentioned, pending final approval from Simcheck. Just curious, is the release "likely" in the next 24-48 hrs? Not asking for a specific time, but just a possible release time frame. Thanks and best wishes always, Dinshaw.
  14. Hi, If I correctly understood what you are referring to, I think you meant the flap tracks. They house the mechanism for the flap movements like the actuators, etc and are designed to be aerodynamically streamlined to reduce the drag. Dinshaw.
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