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  1. Hello didn't find any similar issues though on I've got static jetways along SODE jetways. Looks incredibly bad and I wanted to fix it (usually a bgl file that has to be turned off). Searched through ALL of the files in the LLBG scenery folder, tried without sode (xml turned off) and even tried sorting out which object was which withouth success. I am otherwise very happy with the scenery, and would definitely look forward at knowing: 1) Is there a file that has static jetways 2) am I the only one with this issue It's frustrating for me as I have experienced this with other scenery as well and was able to fix it no problem in little time. Best regards
  2. As we got with the PRO series some more variants, and knowing that the CRJ is itself based off a bizjet, i wondered: Could you CTP on a CRJ? (specially the new 550) If anyone has tried feel free to say the do's and don't s as well as mistakes you made and whether you made it or not 😉 I'd love to fly it as a Bizjet tho best regards
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