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  1. when i updated the p3dv5.1, use the same setting of 5.0 hf2, but the fuselage is too bright, also have the "white line"
  2. Version 1.0.0


    not 100% accurate, but it much more closer to the new AIRBUS callouts
  3. For the rain inside, how can we fix it, in next update will fix it?
  4. i read that and when will release the new installer
  5. Thank you guys made a brilliant Add on for us! I am very glad to fly this beautiful Wide Body Airbus. Best Wishes! Zehua Hao
  6. Do u guys will create the Cabin model in futrue? best wishes!
  7. A330-343 AirChina B-5977 Hainan airlines B-1020 China eastern B-304A SWISS HB-JHH SAS LN-RKU
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