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  1. just merge the gpws from the FF A350
  2. Version 1.0.0


    not 100% accurate, but it much more closer to the new AIRBUS callouts
  3. For the rain inside, how can we fix it, in next update will fix it?
  4. i read that and when will release the new installer
  5. Thank you guys made a brilliant Add on for us! I am very glad to fly this beautiful Wide Body Airbus. Best Wishes! Zehua Hao
  6. Do u guys will create the Cabin model in futrue? best wishes!
  7. Only two days, every important part is ready, I can’t wait
  8. The release package livery all done! Do we have the official trailer?
  9. 330’s brake fan is an optional equipment, I think for most of the A330 doesn’t have the brake fan
  10. How is the progress? It’s very close to the December 9th, Do we have the official trailer soon?
  11. Well, I just want ask the landing gear's bug is fixed or not, that is what i mean! I know this project from 2016, I know this is a hard project and i saw u guys made the project more better, I just hope this project much more better, I will buy it at the first time when this project release!
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