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  1. You can choose your OFP format, after computing the flight. See my screenshot below:
  2. Hi, thanks for the profiles. Nevertheless i can not download the E Jets one... i only got a corrupted and compressed file of 364 bytes. Greetings
  3. I bought the FOC in Aerosoft Shop few hours ago. And now i wanted to register it in the support shop. But the System tells me invalid serial or login email adress. I checked it serveral times but everything was fine, but was not able to register. Also i want to know where and how to download wx and nav updates?? Best Regards
  4. Thanks Shaun! I think i will download the program today. So i can play around with the thing! Greetz Marco
  5. Hi Guys, As i am just thinking about to buy FOC, i am wondering whats included?? Is there a WX Subscription included? If yes how long? Is there a Navdata Package included? If yes from when? If no, do i have to buy the stuff from www.danur.com, although i buy the program itself from aerosoft.com Thanks very much! Greetz Marco
  6. Hi too, I copied the DB from the 2.8 version into the new one, but there are missing around 20 flights in the DB and i made a backup of the flights before installing the new version! Do you know a solution for my problem! Best Regards
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