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  1. Hi MasterHawk 🤦‍♂️!! I have seen that so many times in forums etc, and thought it was something on the Heathrow Config, which was going to be my next question, that it wasn’t on mine. But I have realised it’s actually a in game setting under lighting. It’s now activated and everything seems to be where it should be. Thanks so much. Every day is a school day isn’t it. Have a good evening Pete
  2. Morning, Afternoon, Evening Everyone As you can probably tell from the title. I'm having some trouble with Heathrow at night with P3D (4.5) The lights on the aircraft are not lighting up the ground (no red flash from beacon, red or green from navs etc etc), and AI, GSX models are black, almost as in they haven't loaded the textures, although nothing is loading or lagging etc. Its very odd. I do have ORBX products but the scenery library entry for Heathrow is higher than those Any ideas? Thanks in advance Pete
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