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  1. FS9 / Tinmouse II Project B737-200 / Repaint by Jeffrey S. Bryner / Scenery : FSDT "Fort Lauderdale" (KFLL) MfG
  2. This is the brand new "GlobusWorld" AI aircraft: http://www.globuswor..._ai_models.html MfG
  3. once again, this post is asking for contributors, this is NOT a wish list!
  4. Guam International Airport after a tropical rain shower (FS9, AI Aardvark B738 aircraft, Bill Melichar scenery) MfG
  5. Since TNCM proved to be so popular... Mfg
  6. I think this is only working with FSX not FS9. I could not get it neither. Too bad as flying in the winter season with the grass showing through the texture is disturbing to say the last. HG
  7. There are no dedicated cargo flights at LFPO mostly because cargo do operate at night and there is a curfew from 23h00 to 06h00. The noise abattement measures are very strict in this dense populated area. From time to time you could see an Algerian Air Force C-130 Hercules or a B737-300F RAM Cargo on charter flights. If you are worried about having AI cargo flights just leave on your AFCAD a few cargo and MIL Cargo ramps with no airlines codes and you are done. Regards, H-G
  8. First of all, thank you for this long-awaited airport scenery. Regarding the trees issue on runways, affected users must checked if they have FranceVFR various "Paris Pack" installed. This was a problem with any LFPO scenery, be it FS original or 3rd parties. A patch was available on their Forum that fixed it. From my side I have a complain about the ground traffic. Moving buses, vans and other tow tractors are running through static luggage carts, blast fences and building walls in several areas. Compared to other Aerosoft releases this part of the scenery was neglicted and need t
  9. IMHO the real question is: "could we afford FSX? Speaking for myself my computer is a 5 years old Pentium 4 with minor upgrades (RAM and GC) running on XP. I do not have the money for a new computer to use Vista, DirectX 10 and FSX only: except for Flight Simulator I have no other need today for a more powerful PC. Considering the money I have spend on softwares for FS9, my knowledge of the sim and my own use (a lot of sceneries + real AI traffic at 100%) I will indeed stick to FS9 until a next possible version (FSXI?) that will really kick ass ...if ever. Also I
  10. Thank you for the kind comment but this post is for screens only - Please check your PM with my answer.
  11. A lazy hot summer afternoon ...after the heavy rain shower! Hello everyone, Aerosoft products used: Lisboa 2008 + AES v1.96 Aircraft: Overland A320 + EvolveAI A320 + CDAI V2 CRJ-200 The screenshot was edited by adding the reflection mirror image at the bottom with "Reflet" utility. MfG
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