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  1. Can't wait I was coming to the conclusion that I need multiple press... Thanks Gérard
  2. Thanks Ben, On some "advanced" aircraft the Autopilot is managed by local variable booleans - in order to use the corresponding button on the Bravo, we need to have something like (L:Switch, bool) ! (>l:Switch, bool) You convinced my to read and reread this thread ;), and I discovered it was possible to use a variable assignement inside conditions , and found a solution which needs to create 2 conditions for the APMaster "toggle" "Conditions": [ { "Variable": "L:ApMaster", "Value": "1", "
  3. Hi Ben, Still asking questions Is it (or will it be) possible to assign a L:Var value in a PressEvent, instead of a fixed value : "PressEvent": [ { "Variables": [ { "Variable": "L:ApRudderServoOn", "Value": "1", Would like to assign L:MyVar, number "VariableIsCustom": true } the objective being to have a ApRudderServoOn toggle Thanks Gérard
  4. Hi Ben, Could you give us more information about L:Vars Incr/Decr - I would like to use this kind of facility for some aircraft (not PMDG). Thanks Gérard
  5. Hi, Axis support through P3D for the Yoke made sense (I can't imagine a different configuration for them !) But now with the Bravo, the 6 axis configuration can change from one aircraft to another and it becomes tedious to separately load a Yoke profile, a Throttle profile, and after in P3D startup screen a P3D configuration file ! A minimalist solution would be to associate for an aircraft these 3 config profile in a single "configuration set". But the best would be allow axis configuration for each device (one day we should get also a rudder pedal ...)
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Great job - I really appreciate the follow up you are doing on this great piece of hardware and software. Cheers Gérard
  7. I understand the idea and found it very insteresting. I borrowed this approach from one of your PMDG profile - and I saw it first on PMDG forum concerning Bravo and Reverses... I implemented it in a non-PDMG I built for a turboprop. It is why I was wondering if that could be the reason. The error is in the infamous(!) ContentError.txt which is always ON on my PC (and helped me to address a lot of XML errors in a lot of aircraft - no name I have found the reason (my error) and was able to fix it, but the configurator is partly guilty ! When creatin
  8. Looks like "INT:REV_0, bool" is not internal to the bridge and P3D dislikes it ! Error: Invalid variable (missing ':', did you forget a macro?): INT:REV_0. Is this syntax only meaningful with the "PDMG" interface ? Anyway, this could be replaced by an usual LVar.... I really start to like this Beta Throttle - and Notepad++ is my friend Gérard
  9. Hi Ben, I feel stupid - forgot to desactivate all key assignements automatically done by P3D for a new equipment Looks like this solved my problems - lesson learned Gérard
  10. Hi Ben, My usb connection is directly on the PC (replacing the old Saitek connection). Is there a log file created somewhere by the AFC ? Gérard
  11. I was using the untouched "Default_Throttle" Got several issues, the most disturbing being (I really fear a short circuit ...) - Autopilot switch = set on/off autopilot (which is OK) AND activate a "Gear_toggle" which of course does not exist - few minutes after I got a message from AFCBridge : "Woopsie! Somehow BFC_Trottle got discontected" - and ONLY the Autopilot switch was acting and continuing to maneuver the GEAR, no other switch recognized and no LED lighted - nevertheless the Axis assigned throught P3D Axis Management are still acting
  12. After several Configuration Profiles built, considering the number of switches (specially on the Bravo), it would be very useful to have a "Configuration" summary : An html file, with ONE line per Button (or LED), listing only the variable(s) and assigned value (one extra line only in case of existing Release Event), with the option to list also the unassigned buttons. Example : Elevator Trim A Up Press [K:ELEV_TRIM_UP] Elevator Trim A Down Press [K:ELEV_TRIM_DN] .... Toggle 3 ON Press [L:DC_Gen1_sw (1)] Toggle 3 OFF Press [L:DC_Ge
  13. I undertand and it's OK. Some suggestions for the configurator : - confirm that the profile as been updated (and activated). - for a next version : allow to customize the name of the buttons. For example your "Bus1 On" is my "Seat Belt Off". (could be a kind a "translation" table...) Happy new year Gérard
  14. Hi, It would be great to get a picture showing the .json button number. The Pdf supplied with the profiles makes it very difficult to understand, clone and adapt a profile for another aircraft. Question also. The button json description for the press event has - a variable zone "Variable": "", "Value": "", "Condition": "", "ConditionValue": "", "Conditions": [], "Repeat": false - and a variables array, with other contions array... "Variables": [ {
  15. Nothing from Aerosoft ! But a message from UPS - great Gérard
  16. You have it here Date format the european way (December 13) Gérard
  17. It would be great if you could give information on arrival date expected at your warehouse (like you did for the Alpha) Thanks Gérard
  18. Hi, I saw on FB that the first Honeycomb Bravo shipment arrived in US. Any information on expected EU arrivals (my order is from May). Thanks to Santa Claus Gérard
  19. Mark, Great finding - I will start to think about what make sense be connected to the Alpha and Bravo numerous switches I am really impatient to discover how the new Alpha/Bravo driver works ! I dream of an evolution which would give the possibility to write scripts attached to buttons (in lua or javascript which are now introduced by P3D V5.1). Gérard
  20. Thanks, It works fine. I hope PMDG could publish the varaibles names for the most usefull function (specially with the new coming Bravo TQ). Gérard
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