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  1. Hi Ben, Inded, it works - seams I made an error on another condition during my tests Thanks for your help. Gérard
  2. To give more details, I want to set a LED on when a value is "not equal zero" (AND another is 1) So I can't use condition logic "OR" and there is no multiple PressEvent possible... Gérard
  3. Hi, I am struggling to implement a condition test. How can I specify "not = value" The configurator allow "!=" but this does not work... Any suggestion welcomed Gérard
  4. And so far works great (with the help of a json validator) To help have a easier view for editing with a text editor (Notepad++), can I (safely) delete the inherited old structure and keep only the new one with arrays ? "Variable": "", "Value": "", "Condition": "", "ConditionValue": "", "ConditionLogic": "", Thanks Gérard
  5. In theory, multiple press events should be the answer, but in the reality it is a nightmare to set it up (and very error prone). Maybe when we have a summary report on what is in the .json it will be easier to manage I will try soon how the Bridge behave with several variables in a condition.... and let you know. Gérard
  6. Hi Ben, Would be great if in your next version, it was possible to update several variables with the same condition. "Conditions": [ { "Variables" : [ { "Variable": "L:LocVar1", "Value": "1", "VariableIsCustom": true }, { "Variable": "L:LocVar2", "Value": "10", "VariableIsCustom": true }, ....... { "Variable": "L:LocVar_n", "Value": "value_n", "VariableIsCustom": true, } ], "Condition": "L:CondVar, bool", "ConditionValue": "0", "ConditionIsCustom": true } ] It would greatly simplify a lot of "coding". For the time being, I am not sure of what happens if I write someting like that. When does the update of the variable happens. If it is "immediate", then this type of code will never work. Multiplying the PressEvent might be a solution, but this become very error prone "Conditions": [ { "Variable": "L:ApOther", "Value": "1", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:ApMaster, bool", "ConditionValue": "0", "ConditionIsCustom": true }, { "Variable": "L:ApMaster", "Value": "1", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:ApMaster, bool", "ConditionValue": "0", "ConditionIsCustom": true }, { "Variable": "L:ApOther", "Value": "0", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:ApMaster, bool", "ConditionValue": "1", "ConditionIsCustom": true }, { "Variable": "L:ApMaster", "Value": "1", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:ApMaster, bool", "ConditionValue": "1", "ConditionIsCustom": true }, } ] May be I am is really asking too much I am considering writing a gauge which would be "activated" by setting a LocalVar to true and after executing the actions would reset it to false. Thanks for you attention... Gérard
  7. No, The "use for" is just not existing and would be of very poor interest compared to the input needed. Most of the profiles available have a pdf documentation... Cheers Gérard
  8. Hi Ben, It seams that I have another backward compatibility problem. In LED section, I get this Seams to be linked the L:Vars only ... and only at "check variable integrity", because the LED are lighting as expected. EDIT : deleting the LED conditions and recreating sems to fix the error message, by suppressing the ", Bool" ... EDIT 2: All LED condition with A:Vars use the format (A:XYZ, unit). So, should I keep the ", Bool" for L:Vars ??? Please help... before I make further updates. Cheers, Gérard
  9. Hi Ben, In a old thread about this ">" question you answered Easy to fix with Notepad++, but maybe the Import Configurator function should take care of it ??? Just a suggestion for people afraid to tweak the json files (and you don't like it either...) Cheers, Gérard
  10. Ben, Sorry to bring another topic, but I keep getting configuration issue when using "old" (working) profiles : the ">" is no more recognised with the new bridge I get it for all the >K: (and >L:) variables... Cheers Gérard
  11. Hi Ben, My reference is this one Units Of Measurement And if you try "Pounds per square foot" for ENG OIL PRESSURE, you will get an error in ContentError.txt file. More interesting, if you look at "GENERAL ENG OIL PRESSURE:index" you will see the unit listed as Psf ! I did not try the Helicopter Specific Variable... So, once more, we can see inconsistencies on LM officiai documentation... Have fun ! Cheers, Gérard
  12. Hi Ben, I regularly cross-check using the official Learning Center of LM (V5) - "Pound-force per square foot" is listed in the list of units (as well as Psf), but not "Pounds per square foot" And there is no such unit as - PSI scalar 16K Just to clarify... Gérard
  13. Hello Ben, I want to let you know I had difficulties to install the latest version of the configurator. The uninstall does not delete the old version and the installer does not overwrite it. I had to manually remove the old folder to get the last version. I was "alerted" by the About displaying 2.0 (now shows 2.1, at last...) Nota : the Bridge was correctly updated and the Aerosoft Updater reported that BUT the updater don't take care of the Configurator ! Hope this can help other users. EDIT : Sorry to let you know that the configurator still use "A:ENG OIL PRESSURE,Pounds per square foot" (instead of Psi) when creating a new condition and use ""A:ENG FUEL PRESSURE,PSI scalar 16K" ! - never heard about this scalar 16K Gérard
  14. Can't wait I was coming to the conclusion that I need multiple press... Thanks Gérard
  15. Thanks Ben, On some "advanced" aircraft the Autopilot is managed by local variable booleans - in order to use the corresponding button on the Bravo, we need to have something like (L:Switch, bool) ! (>l:Switch, bool) You convinced my to read and reread this thread ;), and I discovered it was possible to use a variable assignement inside conditions , and found a solution which needs to create 2 conditions for the APMaster "toggle" "Conditions": [ { "Variable": "L:ApMaster", "Value": "1", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:ApMaster, bool", "ConditionValue": "0", "ConditionIsCustom": true }, { "Variable": "L:ApMaster", "Value": "0", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:ApMaster, bool", "ConditionValue": "1", "ConditionIsCustom": true } ] But I would also like to add the condition "ApMaster" true for the other buttons press (HDG, NAV, etc....) So far, I did not found a solution.... any suggestion ? Gérard
  16. Hi Ben, Still asking questions Is it (or will it be) possible to assign a L:Var value in a PressEvent, instead of a fixed value : "PressEvent": [ { "Variables": [ { "Variable": "L:ApRudderServoOn", "Value": "1", Would like to assign L:MyVar, number "VariableIsCustom": true } the objective being to have a ApRudderServoOn toggle Thanks Gérard
  17. Hi Ben, Could you give us more information about L:Vars Incr/Decr - I would like to use this kind of facility for some aircraft (not PMDG). Thanks Gérard
  18. Hi, Axis support through P3D for the Yoke made sense (I can't imagine a different configuration for them !) But now with the Bravo, the 6 axis configuration can change from one aircraft to another and it becomes tedious to separately load a Yoke profile, a Throttle profile, and after in P3D startup screen a P3D configuration file ! A minimalist solution would be to associate for an aircraft these 3 config profile in a single "configuration set". But the best would be allow axis configuration for each device (one day we should get also a rudder pedal ...) Please consider this for a future update. Cheers - Gérard
  19. Thanks for the feedback. Great job - I really appreciate the follow up you are doing on this great piece of hardware and software. Cheers Gérard
  20. I understand the idea and found it very insteresting. I borrowed this approach from one of your PMDG profile - and I saw it first on PMDG forum concerning Bravo and Reverses... I implemented it in a non-PDMG I built for a turboprop. It is why I was wondering if that could be the reason. The error is in the infamous(!) ContentError.txt which is always ON on my PC (and helped me to address a lot of XML errors in a lot of aircraft - no name I have found the reason (my error) and was able to fix it, but the configurator is partly guilty ! When creating a condition, you have a dedicated field for the unit but when creating the variable, there is no such unit field. I did not specified in the name field the unit (ok, my fault, but I plead not guilty), and I got the message. This means that the INT field is not recognized as such and sent to the simulator, which in turn is unhappy Adding the ",bool" solves the issue. Please, we definitively need a short document which describes the different syntax cases. Because, if I look in the various profiles published, I don't see a unit specified for the variable, if it is a L:xxx. It is very confusing and it is not the "detail" you pay attention to in a tutorial... Consider also for the next release, better check of the input by the configurator. Cheers - Gérard
  21. Looks like "INT:REV_0, bool" is not internal to the bridge and P3D dislikes it ! Error: Invalid variable (missing ':', did you forget a macro?): INT:REV_0. Is this syntax only meaningful with the "PDMG" interface ? Anyway, this could be replaced by an usual LVar.... I really start to like this Beta Throttle - and Notepad++ is my friend Gérard
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