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  1. Hi Ben, I recently used a profile I had updated to erase the " string" specifier on the INT:FCU_SELECTOR vars. The increase/decrease (button 12 and 13) was no more working. Just "re-introduicing" the "string" for the INT:FCU_SELECTOR only solved the issue. I confirm that not specifying any unit description for "INT" vars when the value is numeric works correctly. Regards - Gérard
  2. Hi Ben, I am recreating some part of the "default" profiles with the v2.2 Configurator to see how the corresponding .json file is looking. I noticed that now the "var type" of the INT:vars is no more included and the xxxIsCustom has changed from "false" to "true". I was wondering if there are other changes we should take into account. So, I think it would be important to get these profiles updated for the new Configurator, as they should be the starting base when creating new profiles. Is it more clear ? "Communication is a difficult art" Gérard
  3. P3D V5.2 HF2 If you make an update, please consider adding checks that both key and name at least are specified for Custom Vars entry It is easy to miss one when repeating conditions or variables and the error is very difficult to trap... Currently, in this case, you only get in the .json file "Variable": "" or "Variable": "L:" ... It would also be great to get the default profiles with the "new rules". I discover that now the "string" type is no more specified AND the VariableIsCustom is "true" when created with the Configurator. In the included Default, they are specified as "Condition": "INT:FCU_SELECTOR, string", "ConditionValue": "ALT", "ConditionIsCustom": false and "Variable": "INT:FCU_SELECTOR, string", "Value": "IAS", "VariableIsCustom": false, Both seam to work, but this creates some doubts... Thanks Gérard
  4. Hi, If you update the Configurator, please consider adding LED to the Mapping Summary... Gérard
  5. Would very much like to get it ! (I am using AAO from Lorby SI...) Gérard
  6. Hi, Thank you for this new version. First impressions : - I like the cleaning of all the profiles on import (which gives a good view of the "modern" syntax) - I appreciate the mapping summary - I just regret that the LED are excluded from this summary Gérard
  7. For the Gear, just follow the assignments made in the default profile supplied by Aersoft... If you search other specifics variables for the Comanche, just let me know, I have a profile in progress.. Gérard
  8. Bonjour Ben, Yes. I got it working (without "ConditionLogic", which I think is defaulted to "OR"). My real use case was more complex with more toggle with the same button. I probably made a mistake somewhere... But, this really ask for a simple way to toggle L:Vars Shall we wait the new devices from Honeycomb before seeing 2.2 ? Thanks for your help. Gérard
  9. Hi Ben, Would be great if you could check the faisability of a value "toggle"... "!>" for example Thanks. Gérard
  10. There is NO if/else in the configurator, BUT seams that ConditionLogic is the answer.... "ConditionLogic": "OR", "Conditions": [ {"Variable":"L:ApTest","Value":"1","VariableIsCustom":true, "Condition":"L:ApTest","ConditionValue":"0","ConditionIsCustom":true}, {"Variable":"L:Aptest","Value":"0","VariableIsCustom":true, "Condition":"L:Aptest","ConditionValue":"1","ConditionIsCustom":true} ] We really need a full syntax description... Gérard
  11. Hi Ben, Any progress on this ? I take this opportunity to ask for a simple way to implement a toggle on Lvars... (L:var, bool) ! (>L:var,bool) It is so frequent, in a lot of aircraft... and I don't remember if I ever succeeded to specify it ... Thanks for help and advice... Gérard Edit : looks like I did it long time ago. I found back the solution in an old thread ( "Please explain the format of the profile JSON structure" ) Edit 2 : after crosschecking, it looks like my "solution" don't work - please HELP { "ButtonNumber": 6, "PressEvent": [ { "Conditions": [ {"Variable": "L:TstToggle", "Value": "1", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:TstToggle", "ConditionValue": "0", "ConditionIsCustom": false}, {"Variable": "L:TstToggle", "Value": "0", "VariableIsCustom": true, "Condition": "L:TstToggle", "ConditionValue": "1", "ConditionIsCustom": false} ] } ] }, The second condition resets the variable just set by the first one
  12. Next leg will be done after P3D V5.3 HF2 update and a brand new NVidia driver ! So far the result is stunning ! Stay tuned Gérard
  13. For the second segment, I did not forget to launch my screenshot utility... Here the report. Last passengers have boarded, we can start the engines... Climbing at the recommanded altitude for most favorable winds After a turbulance zone where passengers were complaining strongly... Macao is in view The famous VHHX arrival (sorry no time to make nice shoots !) Hong Kong - passenger disembarkation Was fun Gérard
  14. So far I follow the "north route", VECC to ZPPP. Apparently, I forgot to launch my "screenshot" application which saves position (nearest airport) and time with the picture... So, no view for this segment. bad weather and icing conditions for the L047 flying at 15000 ft... Gérard
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