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  1. Sorry, my question was not well spelled : in the templates distributed with the "driver", assignation of local variable don't specify a "unit" Take a look at any template - last lines "ButtonNumber": 34, [ ......] "ReleaseEvent": [ { "Variable": ">L:LEFT_LOWER_ignition", "Value": "0", I was expecting "Variable": ">L:LEFT_LOWER_ignition, enum" or something similar ... I understand you can only test 'equal' to ConditionValue, not 'greater' for example ? Thanks for your input. Gérard
  2. Great ! Another question, if I may, concerning variables (A: L:, i.e. not event K:). in conditions A; or L: variables are specified with there format descriptor ("L:bus:Avionics:State, bool" or "A:GENERAL ENG GENERATOR ACTIVE:1, Bool"). but when assigning (local) variables, you don't specify one (">L:AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_Nose_Sw"). In your conditions I only see bool variables. Could we have something like "Condition": "A:AIRSPEED INDICATED, Knots", "ConditionValue": "gt 300", To be frank, I don't see practical use of this for the time being, but when the throttle becomes available ... Concerning "show button bindings", I have "x_x" with the switches Alternator, Battery, nothing with any other.... But if I specify a text in "FR" (my system language) in the YokeConfig.json, as already mentionned, it is displayed as expected. Thanks for dedication. Gérard
  3. Thanks for the update, which raise some question : As suggested in your "changelog", I took a look to the updated templates. And I see the following examples : "Variable": ">K:TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY", or "Variable": "K:TOGGLE_GENALT_BUS1_CONTACT", Could you confirme that the first one, with ">" is the right syntax to use.... Thanks - Gérard
  4. Same here ... and I have Experimental Updates checked If I go through Honeycomb site, I have the October 15 version 1010 Gérard
  5. Yes - I am a retired IT project manager - I know the feeling Gérard
  6. I know it can run as is, but hundreds of error messages in ContentError.txt should be fixed in the future ! My message was meant to help to identify error origin. I really expect that the next version will address these points. Gérard
  7. Sorry, but all your original templates have "Value": "", And if you load a template (with "Value" : null) to create a new profile, the null values are rewritten "Value" : "" on my machine : W10 French - P3Dv4.5 HF2 Edit 1 : changing "Value": "" to "Value": null does not "cure" the ContentError messages. Each time I press a button wether "Value" is "", null or any thing else ("0", "1" for "ButtonNumber": 28, "PressEvent": [ { "Variable": ">K:STROBES_SET", "Value": "1", "Repeat": false, "DE": null, "EN": null, "FR": null, "ES": null } ] Edit 2 : After changing also all "Variable": "" to "Variable": null solves the issue. Gérard Edit 3 : I just realised I never posted this answer
  8. What do you want to achieve and how, because you can program a lot of things directly in P3D. (without installing the Yoke specific driver.) There may be conflicts between P3D default button assignements and the Yoke profiles. The "YokeInput" program allow you to further program some fonctions but for the time being it is a bit more tricky. If you gives more details, I can help you setup "profiles" for the specific Yoke driver. Gérard
  9. Look in the main menu of Prepar3D when simulation is running. You have Scenario, Vehicle, ..... , Help, Add-Ons : you have there the Honewcomb sub-menu... Forgot to mention that I am using Prepar3D.
  10. I thought so, but no message. Edit1 : adding a text in the YokeConfig.json display a message (because I suspected that the fonction to display must be specified somewhere !!!) But, no way to add it using the YokeInput utility. Updating manually the templates or profiles is not sufficient, as the text is not copied to the active profile by the YokeInput. -------------------- "ButtonNumber": 0, "PressEvent": [ { "ButtonNumber": 0, "PressEvent": [ { "Variable": ">K:PARKING_BRAKES", "Value": "", "Repeat": false, "DE": "Parking Brakes DE", "EN": "Parking Brakes EN", "FR": "Parking Brakes FE", "ES": "Parking Brakes ES" } --------------------------- BTW, I would like to change the text color. I tried modifying in the [DISPLAY] section (which works great for other Prepar3D messages...) InfoUpperLeftTextColorUser InfoUpperLeftTextColorNonUser with no luck. Thanks for your support Gérard Edit 2 : there are hundreds of error messages in the contenterror.txt file when the yoke add-on is activated... [error.xxx] error=Gauge/Script Error Type: Unknown Name: Unknown Error: Empty parentheses or closing parenthese missing: "()"
  11. Question : in AddOn menu of Prepar3D, there is a Show (or Hide) Button Bindings. But I don't see anything... Thanks
  12. A suggestion : would be great to be able to give a small script : example for BCN light, to insure proper synchronisation between switch and "result" : button 21 (A:LIGHT BEACON, bool) ! if{ (>K:TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS) } button 22 (A:LIGHT BEACON, bool) if{ (>K:TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS) } Would give more flexibility to customize the behaviour without adding extra gauge in each aircraft. Gerard
  13. Hi Dave, Will you get a chance to "steal" a Bravo throttle and make a review. Would help us to wait till they become available and decide for a pre-order like I did for the yoke. "Can't wait" Gérard
  14. Hi, Any chance to get an English readme with the drivers. Google translation is a shame Thanks Gérard
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