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  1. This has almost certainly been asked before but how hard is it for you guys to convert your fsx aircraft? stuff like the Airbus X? If your planning on transferring aircraft which ones are you planning on doing? Thanks Rich
  2. Thanks for the reply and yep I agree the grass will be an improvement over some of the past stuff with seen in other sims I just hope it is minimal in large cities. Rich
  3. Ooooh a whole continent. Looks good keep up the work. Rich
  4. Does anybody else think that all the videos and screens shown have too much grass and lawn showing? I searched for this topic but it doesn't seem to have come up. Even in some of the more suburban screen shots there is a lot of grass showing up however if you were to fly in real-life over one of these areas I am sure the chances of seeing large areas of grass are slim (unless of of course you are over a park). (I dont want to sound like I am complaining I was just wondering as I spend a lot of time flying in built up areas and to some of the "mega airports". Maybe some shots of New York, London or L.A just so we can see what the most heavily populated areas may look like? Rich
  5. Also check out this scenery, looks interesting. (I am not suggesting aerosoft use it just stating that it looks interesting) http://xplane10.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/the-future-of-scenery/
  6. Also check out this scenery, looks interesting. (I am not suggesting aerosoft use it just stating that it looks interesting) http://xplane10.word...ure-of-scenery/
  7. Just received my copy of Rise of Flight due to me winning one of the Christmas contests. I have never won a thing in my life and I was shocked to find an email from Shaun informing me of my win. Thank you so much Shaun and Aerosoft and I wish everyone at Aerosoft and here on the forums a great 2011. Richy
  8. I havent actually got aes but i have been reading up on everything before i purchase it and i was wondering what happens if you have codes but install a new version. Can you enter the old codes into the new version to get credits? Thanks for the help guys Richy
  9. I will be purchasing this anyway but i was just wondering. Does this cover kingston upon-thames in south london? This is where i live now and i would probably have a heart attack if it was covered. Cant wait to get this one Richy
  10. Do-27 in German airfelds 1 Island hopping- two in one Sorry for the mistake when first posting this i was tryin to phone,eat and post so things got jumbled up, my apologies Richy
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