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  1. Lazar_D

    Airplane on batteries

    In professional version (compared with previous) when the engines are shuted down airplane, still on batteries, lose electric power ( displays are black ). Is this normal and is there some 'new' way to survive these few seconds between shutting down and connecting to external power without using APU?
  2. Lazar_D

    Airbus Bundle BOX version discount

    Thanks for fast response! Can I do that with Zendesk also?
  3. Lazar_D

    Airbus Bundle BOX version discount

    I'm almost completely sure that there was an option for the box version, also I have a bill on which it says the Airbus Bundle
  4. Hi! I have Aerosoft Airbus Bundle ( but BOX version), so if I want to 'update' to professional version as an old customer I have a discount. But during purchase there is a field in which I should insert my old serial key to get a discount. But as I said I have box version with 2 boxes and 2 different serial keys?! What should I do?
  5. Lazar_D

    New tabel checklist

    Windows 10 Pro Intel Xeon CPU E31245 3.30GHz RAM 8.00GB 64-bit
  6. I have a problem since I had updated table checklist. It is look like that resolution of that dds file is low, but it is 0.33MB bigger than others. Any help? 2018-7-2_17-39-15-831.BMP
  7. I have problem with the texture on the tail section 2018-6-13_17-37-6-10.BMP
  8. Lazar_D

    Route Planer

    Hi! I use Aerosoft company route editor. For making routes I used I just copy last paragraph and paste it in routing box in AXE Corte editor. But few days ago I discoverd .When I do the same and open F-plan in airplane he do not load the route, only runway, departure and destination airport?! Is there some different way to do this because its from real flight plan database? 2018-1-26_14-57-29-826.BMP
  9. Lazar_D

    AIDS Print option

    Is there option to see what AIDS will print, but to not print that on paper just to see on computer
  10. Lazar_D

    Wing lights

    Solved: Emanuel HagenJune 14, 2017 20:30 Hello, we did not include wing lights because the FS native winglight system is not able to handle it properly and including a custom wing lighting system would have given a massive impact on memory usage and framerates which we believe was not worth the additional realism you would gain from it. Keep in mind that we simulate the job of the crew and the crew does typically not see the wing lights in action.
  11. Lazar_D

    Pedal Disc

    Yes, but when I press that disc button i can not control tiller with rudder axis
  12. Lazar_D

    Pedal Disc

    Nose wheel is not moving right or left
  13. Lazar_D

    Pedal Disc

    How to use pedal disc? I set my joystick to Engine 3 throotle and pressed pedal disc button. Rudder is disconnected but nothing had happened when I move joystick!
  14. Engines will always bright, because you must make a new textures for engines when light is on like for other parts of plane.