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  1. Nothing, I also updated p3d to v4.5 and reinstall A320-A319 pro. This happened on every flight (test) I made, except using aircraft state option.
  2. Hello! I can't align IR when I am manually starting the plane from cold dark state. As you can see from next photos when i set ADIRS to nav, on the display appear message IR IN ALIGN 1 MN (it starts form 5 min.) After countdown only IR IN ALIGN stay on the display for about 1 second and then disappear, displays are still red and there is no any message. If I move the plane(what of course I should't do) IR NOT ALIGNED appears, but in previous case it looks like that plane or software thinks that Ir is aligned but actually it's not. I done everything on same way as i used to do in non professional version, but to be sure that I work everything correctly this time I started checklist but there is no successful feedback. Currently the only way to run everything is to use some other states (takeoff, taxi...). This one is when I move it
  3. Why when engines are shutting down it looks like that 2 types of textures is mixing?
  4. In professional version (compared with previous) when the engines are shuted down airplane, still on batteries, lose electric power ( displays are black ). Is this normal and is there some 'new' way to survive these few seconds between shutting down and connecting to external power without using APU?
  5. Thanks for fast response! Can I do that with Zendesk also?
  6. I'm almost completely sure that there was an option for the box version, also I have a bill on which it says the Airbus Bundle
  7. Hi! I have Aerosoft Airbus Bundle ( but BOX version), so if I want to 'update' to professional version as an old customer I have a discount. But during purchase there is a field in which I should insert my old serial key to get a discount. But as I said I have box version with 2 boxes and 2 different serial keys?! What should I do?
  8. I have problem with the texture on the tail section 2018-6-13_17-37-6-10.BMP
  9. One more mistake, from inside sharklet isn't white
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