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  1. Nothing, I also updated p3d to v4.5 and reinstall A320-A319 pro. This happened on every flight (test) I made, except using aircraft state option.
  2. Hello! I can't align IR when I am manually starting the plane from cold dark state. As you can see from next photos when i set ADIRS to nav, on the display appear message IR IN ALIGN 1 MN (it starts form 5 min.) After countdown only IR IN ALIGN stay on the display for about 1 second and then disappear, displays are still red and there is no any message. If I move the plane(what of course I should't do) IR NOT ALIGNED appears, but in previous case it looks like that plane or software thinks that Ir is aligned but actually it's not. I done everything on same way as i used to do in non professional version, but to be sure that I work everything correctly this time I started checklist but there is no successful feedback. Currently the only way to run everything is to use some other states (takeoff, taxi...). This one is when I move it
  3. Why when engines are shutting down it looks like that 2 types of textures is mixing?
  4. In professional version (compared with previous) when the engines are shuted down airplane, still on batteries, lose electric power ( displays are black ). Is this normal and is there some 'new' way to survive these few seconds between shutting down and connecting to external power without using APU?
  5. I have problem with the texture on the tail section 2018-6-13_17-37-6-10.BMP
  6. One more mistake, from inside sharklet isn't white
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