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  1. Ok, thank you very much! However, this is a real nice product and I like to use it with all it's complexity. It's fascinating. A lot to learn for non professionals...
  2. Dear Secondator In the meantime I've followed the 7 points with success! I did it under external power supply and APU supply without any difference. So it was my fault not being aware of that timer count down 5 Min. Is that point anywhere in the instructions? I couldn't find it in "step by step" manual. Conclusion: This "failure" might occur if the sequence of checklist points is not kept properly. Especially if using the crew briefing tool and not waiting until the cockpit checklist, performed by that feature, has been completed. --> Eagerly to come to the starting up and push back procedure ­čÖé Interfering with own manual inputs into the MCDU 1 (Left) including ALIGN IRS-> (I also suggest to start the PC short before starting the simulator with respective tools if available and not doing other things in between.) Thanks a lot !
  3. Thanks a lot for your advise. I will follow that procedure and come back to you. It ill take a little time.
  4. Hello Secondator and gents Yes, have latest version installed through updater. Also with earlier versions this phenomenon occurred already partly. Aligning IRS through MCDU Unit A was never possible in a controlled way. I have installed the A318/319 for Prepared 3D V4. The line for "Align IRS" (color yellow or orange) is only appearing erratically and then there is success after pushing the respective SKR button. Not working is the always appearing "Align IRS" colored white. Hope this gives a hint..
  5. Dear Lazar, I have exactly the same problem and would have taken same screen shots as you did and hope, somebody can help with this issue. No idea how to come out of it...
  6. Many thanks for your reply. Highly appreciated! I like this product very much, but I still don't know ho to get the ND´╗┐ only on a second monitor. May be, I have to use Project Magenta for that purpose on a second PC...? Kind regards
  7. Hello, I know, this issue has already been discussed several times in this forum. But I don't get the point for having PFD and ND displayed on a second monitor like shown in the documentation Vol 01 where is just something mentioned about VC. Might be a stupid question from an Oldie: What is this VC , where can I find this tool or what is the procedure or where is a more detailed description to get it done? Thanks a lot for any advise!
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